When to Wax Compound Bow String

If you love archery, you should also know that taking good care of the bow string is one of the essentials. You must wax them every two to three weeks; however, the duration depends on your usage.

Before any significant competition, waxing the strings is another crucial time. You will comprehend that it’s time to wax them when the strings start feeling dry, or you notice some discoloration.

Waxing the bow strings is one of the most important tasks if you want your archery to perform well. This article will discuss when to wax compound bow string and more relevant things to know about it.

Why Is It Necessary to Wax Compound Bow String?

There are a lot of benefits to waxing the strings every once in a while or when necessary. Sometimes, you might not feel like doing it, but it is necessary. Here are all the advantages of do so.

1. Improves the archery moves.

If your compound bow strings are in good condition, your performance on the game field will also be spot on. Waxing them will improve your archery, gathering a lot of crowd attention. Moreover, upon regular waxing, the strings are less likely to frail or break while using them.

2. Increases the lifetime.

With regular maintenance, any product is bound to last a long time. Compound bow string waxing will delay the bows’ straining process, extending the strings’ longevity. The increase in lifespan with good care is significant.

3. Protects from all the weather.

Harsh weather conditions are one of the most prominent aspects which affect the longevity and state of your compound bow strings. Nevertheless, if they are waxed, no matter the weather, your archery performance will go as planned. Waxing them will shield your bows from each place’s different and varying weather conditions.

4. Professional kits are not needed.

It is effortless to find a wax suitable for your bows. Beeswax or silicone wax are used, and these can be found in any shop. So, you do not need tools, machines or technical practice to wax your bow strings. This process can be done using your hands only.

5. Fast and easy.

Waxing your bow strings is a fast and easy process. If you need to do so them right before your performance, then it can be done using portable waxes. These can be carried around anywhere, and the packaging is durable, so you do not have to worry about spills.

Things Needed to Wax Compound Bow Strings.

You do not need a lot of stuff to wax the strings. Here is a list of things you need.

1. The compound bow strings.

2. Any type of string wax.

3. Wax pads or any flexible card, a tiny piece of leather or fabric cord.

For the wax, synthetic waxes such as silicone wax work for most modern bow strings and help increase longevity. However, some traditional archers prefer all-natural beeswax. The traditional bow strings made using plant and animal materials favour beeswax, and it also smells good.

Note: If you cannot find string wax, then going for candle wax will also give you similar results, making it easier to find. But it is less sticky, which would be a problem applying.

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How to Wax Compound Bow String.

Now comes one of the most crucial parts. Waxing your compound bow is simple, requiring only a few steps. The procedure is relatively simple, and you do not need a lot of gear. Keep reading to know the steps.

Step 1 –

It is vital to make sure that the strings are clean and free from any debris. If there is dirt on the string, it will get into the deep parts within the strands, causing the strings to get damaged quickly and more frayed.

You can use any string cleaning products to clean the bow strings deep. Or just using a clean cloth with a little bit of water will do the job perfectly.

Step 2 –

Directly apply the wax on the entire string length and cables by using your fingers to rub it up and down. The hand motion should be swift and vertically directed. You will know that wax has fully covered the strings because it will be visible.

Prevent waxing the serving and around the nocking point area because it will unravel much faster and make it more slippery.

Step 3 –

The string is made up of many tiny strands, and the wax needs to reach all of them for maximum results. It would help if you used your fingers to spread it more on to the surface.

All the gaps within the strands should be filled, or the purpose will not be served. The wax should cover all the parts of the bow string, up to the limbs.

Step 4 –

Using the wax pad or any piece of leather or fabric cord, wrap it around the string in a loop. Use the loops of the material to go in up-and-down motion while putting force on the length of the string.

This will help the wax to spread evenly on the string. The strands will also receive the maximum amount, and the rest of the unused product will be pushed away.

Step 5 –

Lastly, use your fingers to eliminate any lumps of wax that might be on the strings for a smooth finish. Keep rubbing your fingers on the strings as long as they are not slippery. Once that is done, your compound bow strings have been waxed, ready to put on a show.

How Often to Wax Compound Bow Strings?

The more you use your bow, the more times you should wax your bow strings. It is a good idea to get into the habit of waxing your bow string every two to three weeks, so it does not have to endure water damage. The performance of your bow depends mostly on how healthy and effective they are.

If you notice some frizzes within the strands or if the strings feel dry, it is time to wax them. For such reasons, always feel the strings between the waxing sessions to check their conditions. Using the bow more means it endures a lot more force, so it must be taken care of more frequently.

Moreover, the environmental conditions should also come into play on how often you have to wax your bow strings. For instance, archery in humid or dry areas will require you to wax them more regularly.

If you have to store your bow in the open air, it should also be waxed more.

When to Replace Compound Bow Strings?

Waxing your compound bow strings is going to increase their longevity. If you can maintain a regular waxing schedule, you do not have to worry about replacing the strings often. It is ideal for replacing the bow strings every 3 three years of performance, even if you stick to a routine.

However, you may need to replace them much sooner if you notice any of the signs on your bow strings from below –

1. Notice if you can see any fraying around the yoke.

2. Any strings that come in or out of the cam system must be replaced.

3. The compound bow string cables or fibres are broken.

4. Too much fraying of the string or the cable.

5. The bow strings have been stretched too much upon use for a long time, and it loses the strength to absorb potential energy.

6. If the string server has been separated, which is around the nocking area of the bow.

7. Even after waxing the bow strings regularly, you may see they are still dry. Meaning they need to be replaced.

How to Know You Have Correctly Waxed Your Compound Bow String?

You will feel that your bow strings feel tacky when touched. This means that the waxing process has been done successfully. The substance should provide the strings with a smooth feel. You will also notice that if your strings come into contact with water, the water will glide off instead of seeping through the strands. This proves that they have been waxed correctly.

Most importantly, you will understand that the strings have been coated with wax properly if there are no signs of fraying and dryness within the strings. That is the primary sign of the correct waxing of all.

In Conclusion:

Getting a compound bow for the first time will make you question when to wax compound bow string, and the answer is simple: it depends on how regular you use it. Waxing them will increase the longevity and performance of the game on the field. It is vital that you wax the strings every two to three weeks, using suitable products.

With time, replacing them is necessary otherwise; you will not be able to execute the performance nicely. Waxing the bow strings does not take much time and is relatively easy. So making it a habit will ensure the quality of your bow strings and archery performance.

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