What Tripod Does Steve Rinella Use?

If you have been in the world of hunting for a while, then you have certainly come across the name Steve Rinella. He is world-famous for his influence on hunting, fishing, and his role as a conservationist.

With all his books, podcasts, and TV shows, he has made a large fanbase of hunters. And there’s a lot of curiosity about Steve Rinella’s Tripod, who wants to do hunting shoots.

In this article, we will be taking a close look at his amazing tripod, and all its features so you can see whether it is suitable for you or not.

What Tripod Does Steve Rinella Use?

Steve Rinella’s tripod is an Outdoorsmans standard tripod which he has highly recommended multiple times.

This tripod is very durable and has a great design which makes it suitable for hunting. You also want a tripod that has an adjustable design so it can properly sit on any surface, including rocky surfaces, with a good grip.

This premium tripod will give you a great viewing experience from your spot. Additionally, you will also get a lot of versatility with this product since it accepts pan heads from different brands as well.

You can also add shooting rests and additional equipment to this tripod to enhance your hunting experience even further, but that would significantly bump up the price.


Since you probably will have to go to the wild for hunting, where the conditions aren’t always ideal, the tripod you are buying must be durable. The Outdoorsmans standard tripod is constructed from 100% 6063-T6 aircraft grade billet machined aluminum.

This material makes the Outdoorsman standard tripod extremely durable, and it is guaranteed to take much more abuse than any other tripod you can find in the market. The manufacturers have made this tripod by keeping the rugged mountains of the West in mind, which is why they have made this tripod so durable.


When you go out hunting, you always have to be on the move to find a good viewing spot. Hence, the tripod that you buy must be lightweight.

Fortunately, the Outdoorsmans standard tripod has a weight of only 44 ounces, which is even less than 3 pounds! As a result of the lightweight design, you will have no problem carrying this tripod around with you anywhere.

Regardless of being lightweight, the Outdoorsmans standard tripod is still extremely durable thanks to the 100% 6061-T6 aircraft grade billet machined aluminum construction.


You will notice that sometimes it is very difficult to find the right size of a tripod. Some tripods are just way too large, while others are not tall enough. Outdoorsmans has designed this standard tripod for it to be a great fit for most any hunting, or sightseeing experience.

As its name suggests, this standard tripod is truly a great standard between the tall and short tripods that you will find in the market. Another great feature of this Steve Rinella recommended tripod is that it has multiple height options, which makes it a very versatile tripod.

Having multiple height options will give you the flexibility to stand or even sit during hunting.

When the legs are deployed it is 37 inches, and the centerpost deployed is 51.5 inches which is a decent size. With an optional centerpost extension kit, you can make it tall enough for glass standing up.

Although this tripod has a standard size, it is still quite compact and can be easily carried anywhere without occupying too much space. For context, when the tripod has compressed, the height of the tripod comes down to only 18.5 inches.


One of the most important things that a good tripod should have is sturdiness, and the Outdoorsmans standard tripod certainly excels in that aspect. The interchangeable rubber and spiked feet do an excellent job at ensuring the trip stays firmly planted.

Even if you have the steadiest hands in the world, still you can’t hold your binoculars or rifle as steady as this tripod can.

With the adjustable three-section design, you can set this tripod on any rough or rocky surface without having to worry about it wobbling. The lever locks on the tripod are very easy to use and will let you set up this tripod in a matter of seconds.


  • Very lightweight, so it is very portable
  • Has multiple height options, which makes it versatile
  • Sturdy grip because of the rubber and spiked feet
  • Accepts many different pan heads
  • Adjustable three-section design for better stability
  • Lever locks are easy to set up


  • Can be quite expensive


Steve Rinella’s tripod is a splendid option for anyone looking to buy a tripod, especially for hunting and rough use. This Outdoorsmans standard tripod is a bit expensive, but for the amazing features the product has, it is undoubtedly a great investment.

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