Do You Need a License for a Compound Bow?

Bow and arrows are known to be weapons because, back in the day, that is how they were being used. With time, bows and arrows got more advanced, meaning their accuracy and intent to kill have improved.

The problem is that compound bows are highly dangerous, making them weapons and illegal to use in public places. There are a lot of things you have to maintain when you want to practice using a compound bow.

This article will discuss whether you need a license to use or own a compound bow and other rules to maintain it.

Are Compound Bows Legal?

Compound bows are very much legal. You also do not need a license to own or use one. The compound bow is a comparatively new weapon invented in 1966. This is important because bows and arrows have been around for a long time; they were used during wars to kill or fatally wound people.

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Compound bows are very deadly and can kill anyone if the intention is there. That is why even though you do not need a license to use a compound bow. It would be best if you had a permit to use them when you are out of the specific archery setting place made by the government.

Do You Need a License for a Compound Bow?


In the UK, US, or Canada, you do not need to present any signed documents to get a compound bow or bow from the archery store. But that is not the case for other countries because laws differ.

Even though for some states, you do not need a license to use a compound bow, most states ask for a hunter’s license. The license is essential as it proves you can keep control of yourself. Moreover, it also guarantees that the bow did not fall into the wrong hands and that you will not misuse it.

While this is good news for people who are into archery or want to get into it, the case might not be better for those with wrong intentions. It is easy to purchase a compound bow and use it, as you do not need any license.

This means people that do not know how to shoot an arrow or with bad intentions will also be able to get their hands on a compound bow. This bow is not the one to mess with as it is a powerful weapon, and you also have to handle it with caution so that no one else has to suffer any loss.

For such reasons, there are specific legal restrictions surrounding the usage of bows and arrows all around the world. For example, in the US, in the case of compound bows, the individual states are responsible for issuing their laws so that casualties can be minimized.

Hunters in the US need a hunter’s license to hunt in the US. To get a license, you have to do a bow hunting class. Then you have to pass some tests which will prove to the authority that you can control, and they will give you the license.

Requirements of the License for Compound Bow.

Compound bows are legal, so it is easy for anyone to walk up to any archery store and get a compound bow without having to go through any paperwork. But you will not be able to start using them right away. Or even if you do, it will not be legal.

The restrictions on bows and arrows depend on your intentions to use the tool. The rules and regulations also vary from country to country. Like in the US, each state is responsible for issuing its own set of rules regarding compound bows.

These are the requirements you have to face when you are getting a license for the compound bow –

1. In most states, you can get your license within an allocated time frame.

2. Some states will allow you to use your compound bow all year round, while others will only allow the usage within a narrow window.

3. States like South Dakota, Massachusetts and Hawaii only allow disabled people to shoot arrows using a crossbow during hunting seasons.

4. In another state, Oregon, you cannot use a crossbow at any time of the year as it is illegal.

Common Restrictions to Face When You are About to Get a License for a Compound Bow.

 It is much easier to get a compound bow than a license. Here are some common restrictions you will face when applying for a license.

1. The bow’s size and weight matter more than you think. If you want to get a bow for hunting, then some will not pass as hunting tools, and you have to avoid them.

2. Get used to the bows the government can pass, as it will save you the trouble of purchasing a useless archery tool. The government approves not all archery tools used publicly.

3. Within the cities, you will not be allowed to practice archery in densely populated areas or around neighbourhoods. Doing so might get you to jail because it will break the law.

4. Before practicing archery in your backyard, contact the local sheriff and ask if it is okay. You also want to take permission from your neighbours if they are fine with it. Not everyone will be comfortable with arrows shooting around right beside their homes.

5. Age is a crucial matter when it comes to owning and using a compound bow. Anyone below eighteen will not be able to use a compound bow. They will also examine your maturity to confirm whether you can handle bows and arrows.

Is it Legal to Practice Archery in Public?

In most western countries, archery is a popular sport that many people enjoy. It is a form of activity that they enjoy to pass their time. This means that they are various designated areas to practice archery. So, it would be best if you did not have to practice your skills in any public place.

In most places or countries, it is legal to shoot arrows in public as you will be putting others’ lives in danger. However, it should be a common instinct for people not to start shooting arrows in public because you never know when someone will get hurt. The chances of hitting the target are meager every time you shoot the arrow, which means that you are probably putting the people nearby at tremendous risk.

Moreover, the government has already assigned specific areas where you can practice archery safely. So it would help if you did not have to practice them in a park, or somewhere ordinary people can access them at any moment.

Is it Legal to Use Compound Bow in Backyard?

According to state laws, it is not illegal to practice archery in your backyard as long as you are not harming anyone. But before putting up the archery equipment, you should contact the local police department and ensure that you are not getting into anything illegal.

Here are some things you should consider before going ahead with your plan –

1. If other people are practising with you, ensure they are not within the arrow’s shooting range.

2. Consult your neighbours and ensure they are okay with the idea. Even if you have maintained all the safety precautions, they might feel uncomfortable and possibly be concerned with someone firing arrows right beside their home.

3. Set up the target away from roads or nearby homes. Ensure that the target is not in such a place accessible to ordinary people.

4. Keep your pets in the home or leash during your practice.

5. Before you start shooting, check all the laws and regulations of your state to ensure that your archery tools are not illegal. The shooting regulations will vary from area to area.

6. It is a good idea to set up a physical backstop behind the target, so stray arrows can be picked up. The backstop must be more prominent and thicker than the target to stop arrows from flying in all directions.

The Regulations Regarding Use of Compound Bow.

The regulations when it comes to the usage of compound bows change every once so that the maximum safety of users can be obtained. The safety of hunters and wildlife populations within a particular area must also be maintained. The regulations regarding the usage of a compound bow are affected by these factors –

  • The area of your hunting.
  • Hunting season.
  • Size and type of bow you are using
  • The type of specie you want to hunt.

In Conclusion:

There are no restrictions when purchasing a compound bow or any bows. But to hunt or use them, you need to have a license. That is because people need proper training to avoid putting others in danger if they use compound bows without enough practice and knowledge. Compound bows are legal, but specific regulations must be maintained when you are about to use them.

However, you should expect the laws to be strict for bows because they are weapons and are considered firearms in many states. It is always better to do everything legally and abide by the rules and regulations.

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