Can You Use Crossbow Broadheads on a Compound Bow?

The fastest answer to that question is, yes, you can use a crossbow broadhead on a compound bow. But it would help if you implemented some crucial techniques so that the crosshead works as you expect it to. 

Many bow hunters usually opt for broadheads on their bows during their hunts in the wild. That is because broadheads provide safety in archery. With a good quality product, you can secure a quality result. 

In this article, we will discuss further how to use crossbow broadheads on a compound bow and other topics relevant to it. 

Crossbow Broadheads on a Compound Bow? 

In hunting for wildlife, bowhunters go for broadheads because they can reach their target much more quickly. But you must ensure that the broadhead matches your equipment for safety and quality results. 

If you are picking a crossbow broadhead for yourself, try to shoot using the different ones and notice how each of them flows. The bow should fly consistently and in a straight line for hunting or archery performance. 

You must have the appropriate shock collars attached to your bow to shoot from your compound bow with the broadhead. The main idea is that the crossbow arrows should have the weight and length your compound bow can tolerate, as it will guarantee that the bow functions perfectly. 

Differences Between a Crossbow Broadhead and a Compound Bow Broadhead. 

Just like the two bows are not the same, their broadheads are different. Both of them have distinguishable qualities that set them apart. You need to know the difference and what to expect when getting one. 


Crossbow broadheads are generally heavier than compound ones, which is why you will find many broadheads labeled as a “crossbow” in the market. As a result, the heavier crossbow provides more kinetic energy, and the broadhead gets more energy and speed. 

Using a crossbow will give you greater power as it has gained more momentum. As for the compound broadheads, they are comparatively lighter, which means they will shoot the arrows at a slower pace. This means they are better for compound bows because of their lower kinetic energy. 


The shaft for the crossbow broadheads is heavy so that they can make a balance between the broadhead and the body. This provides higher grains to the broadheads than others do. Now coming to the broadheads and shafts manufactured for compound bows are relatively lighter. 

Generally, this provides lower grains than that for crossbows. You can easily differentiate between two or more broadheads made by the same company by checking the grains they have on each of them. To give a general idea, most people go for 100 grains when they choose a compound bow, and for crossbows, they get broadheads with 150 grains. 


The crossbow arrows are primarily short in length, which means they provide lower aerodynamics when shot in the air. That is why you need a crossbow crossbar to provide high kinetic energy to make the arrow stay in the air for a higher time. 

The added kinetic power makes the arrow’sarrow’s balance point towards the front, which helps to reach a consistent flight. On the other hand, the compound arrows are longer, which means they provide more aerodynamics. That is why people do not need a crossbar when shooting using a compound bow. 

Stiffer Springs.

Earlier, many people found that their mechanical blades on the crossbow arrows would open much quicker than expected before coming into contact with the target. This happens because the high speed of the crossbow would make the mechanical springs open up midway. 

Because of this issue, companies manufacture broadheads with stiff springs that create more tension. This allows the springs to relax only when they come in contact with the target. It is wise to get a crossbow broadhead with high tension spring. 

But people using compound bow broadheads can avoid facing this problem. That is because the compound bow already has lower kinetic energy, which means that they make the arrow move slower than crossbows do. So, you do not have to choose a compound bow broadhead with a stiffer spring. 

Things to Know While Using a Crossbow Broadhead on a Compound Bow. 

You should be aware of some factors when using crossbow broadheads with a compound bow because the two were not meant to be together initially. It is essential to be aware of such cases so that you do not face any shocks while you are on the field –

1.    The crossbow broadheads are pretty heavy, which prevents the compound bow’sbow’s shock collars from deploying the blade faster than you would like.

2.    When using a broadhead, you will shoot pretty fast, like, 400 feet per second. So your shock collars should have the capability to absorb high energy, or else the bolt might not stay latched accurately onto the string.

3.    You have to replace or resharpen your blades despite the type of broadheads you choose. 

Advantages of Using a Crossbow. 

There are various advantages of using a crossbow over using a compound bow. They are –

1.    If the accuracy is correct, crossbows launch arrows with higher kinetic energy and speed.

2.    Crossbows are the perfect weapon for the cold seasons because your body stays rigid outside shooting during winter.

3.    They generate a lot of power, making the arrow shoot much faster than compound bows.

4.    Crossbows have more chances of reaching the target than other bows if an experienced shooter handles them.

5.    Strength or other variables should not be an issue using a crossbow. That is because when you pull the trigger and cock the bow, you do not have to think much about your torque and rest tuning.

6.    A quick learning curve can be learned by crossbow hunters, which allows them to pick up the perfect one with accuracy.

7.    People, such as aging hunters or with injuries who cannot use compound bows, can hunt with crossbows any time of the year. 

Advantages of Using a Compound Bow. 

Like crossbows, you have many advantages when choosing a compound bow. Such as –

1.    These bows are perfect for new archers as they can shoot accurately at their target with just thirty minutes of basic archery training.

2.    If you are going into the wood, you need to have a lot of practice and rely on your accuracy to get the correct shot.

3.    They let you shoot multiple arrows at a given time without making much noise.

4.    Compound bows are easier to practice with because they are lighter and more efficient.

5.    They are significantly quieter as they generate lower power than crossbows.

6.    Most compound bows are 2 to 3 pounds lighter than crossbows, so they are easier to carry and can come with you on long trips.

7.    These bows can be maneuvered more, allowing archers to move around freely.

8.    Compound bows are the perfect choice to go with to hunt from the top of tree branches or hills. 

How to Choose the Right Broadhead of Your Choice? 

Choosing the broadhead that is perfect for your bow and does the job ideally might be easier than you think. It would help if you gave fundamental importance to what you need the most from your bow. 

Just getting a “crossbow” broadhead might not serve the task for you. If you are concerned about the weight, check how much the tool weighs before buying it. The design of the blade also determines how much your archery tool might weigh. 

Or, if you are worried about the heavy draw strength, check the pull force of the bow before settling with one. Check your archery tool’stool’s features and determine if they match your choices. It will not bring you any advantage if you purchase a new tool that might not work after bringing it home or in the field. 

In Conclusion: 

Putting a crossbow broadhead on a compound bow might only give you the best results if you know all the other aspects. 

Crossbows give you more speed, meaning you can shoot faster during competitions. However, even with the proper equipment, it might malfunction. That is something no one wants when they are on the archery field or during an intense moment. This is why you must use all the necessary gear to get the results you are looking for. 

It would be best if you got a broadhead that fits your bow and works best for you. If the crossbow one does not work with your compound bow, you can get one of the broadheads manufactured for compound bows. 

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