How Long Does a Compound Bow String Last?

Archery is a therapy for archers because they find their mental peace and happiness on the field. You can find various archery bows on the market and get one that suits you the most.

The compound bows last long, even if you use them consistently. You can expect the bow strings to last between two to three years of proper use. Even if you take good care of them and use them carefully, replacing them every two or three years is recommended.

All of the stress makes the bow string wear out over time. In this article, we will go in-depth about how long a compound bow string lasts and other relevant topics.

How Long Does a Compound Bow String Last?

You can get two to three or even four years of usage from a new compound bow. They are manufactured to last for this time. Even with proper care and mediocre usage, they must be replaced every two years.

Remember that the same company manufactures not all the compound bows. Their quality will vary, and their features will also be different, so the longevity might not be the same for the two.

The bow’s cables and strings must endure immense stress when using them to shoot arrows. This is because as the string propels the arrows forward, it releases massive energy. Even after the arrow is in the air, the string oscillates violently for some time before it comes to rest.

This abuse keeps on happening to your bowstring shot after shot which puts tremendous force on the strings. As a result, they are more prone to wearing out with increased usage. For many people, the bowstring does not break after using it for a long time, regardless of the pressure they exert on their bows.

But the string loses its effectivity over time and they can easily snap at any moment. If the string snaps, it might be fatal for the archer because they have sharp edges and can leave nasty wounds on the wrists and forearms.

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When Should You Change Compound Bow String?

Before each use, you should inspect your bowstring and cables. An archer who uses their compound bow every once in a while should be able to spot all signs that the bowstring needs replacement.

Using worn-out or damaged equipment will put the archer at a high chance of getting severe injuries and will also deliver a bad performance on the field. That is why all archers should be aware of the conditions of all the parts of their compound bow and replace them whenever needed.

Here are all the signs you should not ignore, as they mean that your bowstring needs a replacement.

1. Broken Cable or String.

The compound bowstrings are manufactured using the main bowstring and some more cables connected to the cams. The bowstrings are usually made from modern synthetic materials and high-tech fibres. They allow the strings to shoot an arrow at a special rate quickly.

Even if the strings are made using advanced materials, they can break with prolonged and heavy usage. You can notice the signs of a broken string very clearly. To replace the bowstrings of a compound bow, you should visit an archery store because they are challenging to do at home.

2. Dry Bowstring.

Taking good care of your bowstrings is one of the most crucial jobs you can do when you are into archery. Waxing your bowstrings very often will keep them in good condition and guarantee extended usage. If your bowstrings are healthy, they will feel slightly waxy when touched.

Wax them to get optimal performance out of your bow. Before using your bows, inspect the string and notice if they feel dry and slick. If so, they need some wax.

Another sign is that you will notice that tiny fibre strands are sticking up from the strings. This gives them a furry appearance, meaning that they are dehydrated. The furry appearance indicates that the strings are starting to wear out. Waxing them will get the furry look away temporarily.

Still, the strings will soon emit individual strands from the surface. Those strands will come loose from the string, which means they have started fraying. This is when you should replace them before your next game.

3. Frayed Bowstring.

Fraying happens due to the dryness of the bowstrings; when this happens, out will see that string fibres have started to come out and become worn out by the edges. Many archers do not mind the fraying, and they will continue using their bow and wax to get a temporary solution.

Waxing will not fix the fraying of your bowstrings, and further using them is risky. Frayed compound bow strings should be replaced immediately. The fraying indicates that the fibres have started breaking individually, eventually breaking the entire string at a point altogether.

Once the strings start fraying, you cannot guess when they will break apart altogether. So it is best to get them replaced as soon as you notice signs of fraying.

4. The Usage and Age of Bowstring.

With heavy and regular usage of your bow, they will start to wear out quickly. Even if you do not put immense pressure on them and do not use them regularly, they will break down after some time. The wear and tear may not be visible, but the damage goes deep within the strings.

If you store the bowstrings for a long time, they will weaken as days pass by. Not using your bow for the long term is harmful to the strings, even if they are kept in good condition. Everything has an expiry date, and no matter how carefully and well-preserved you keep your bows in, they will start to deteriorate over time.

Replacing the string every two years will extend the lifetime of your compound bow, and it will also maintain the performance of your archery skills for a long time.

5. Stretched Bowstring.

The stretch of the bowstrings is an essential task as they stretch to absorb all the potential energy when drawn. They stretch when the archer loads and lets go of the arrows from the bow every time. In the process, the bowstring absorbs more energy, and the arrow does not receive much in return. When the bowstring gets stretched, the fibres start to lengthen, and the string becomes more prolonged and less efficient.

Not just with repeated usage, if you store your bows for a long time and use them less, they will stretch and lose potential. Stretched bowstrings will lower the archer’s performance and skill and can also be dangerous to the user. That is because they are prone to snapping at any moment during the game.

6. Bowstring Server Separation.

The bowstrings are coated with a serving which is a thread that sits on top and ties up all the synthetic fibre material and makes the bowstring itself. You will find the serving around the nocking area which is the primary point of any bow. Compound bow archers check the points of serving when they are under inspection as those areas are crucial for the well-being of a bow.

The serving is made up of fibrous thread, which will start to separate with time. Once you start noticing any separation within the serving coils, you will understand that it is high time they get replaced. Separation of the serving around the nocking area is critical as they affect the shooting accuracy of the archer.

They might also lead to more significant issues if they are not replaced immediately. The serving can also break; you will notice that they have come loose. This is more vital as no matter where the serving breaks, you should replace the strings immediately.

How to Extend the Lifetime of Your Bowstrings?

With proper care and average usage, you can expect your bowstrings and cable to last longer than two years and go up to three years. Compound bowstrings cost between $300 to $500, meaning you should treat them with great care.

But that also does not mean you exceed the time range with the same set of strings because it will be dangerous to use. However, you should know how to take care of your bowstrings and extend their longevity because no one wants their strings snapping in the middle of the game or within a short time.

Here is a list of everything you should do to prevent your bowstrings from breaking down quickly.

  1. Invest in a good bowstring wax and wax your strings regularly. This will provide moisture to the strings and prevent them from getting dry and fraying. Ensure the wax reaches all the fibre strands of the bow to maximize its benefits.
  2. Notice if your bow makes any sound or vibrates while shooting. Continuation of any sound is not suitable for your bowstrings.
  3. Do not dry fire your bow. Dry firing is when you draw the bow and release it without any arrow. This might break your bowstrings or other parts, such as the limbs and cams. Repairing them is very costly, and they are just dangerous in general.
  4. Keep your bowstrings well away from water and moisture, as they can destroy the shape of the strings in no time.
  5. Clean the wheels, cable slide, cams and all the other vital parts of your bow. Archery takes place outside, and a lot of dirt and debris can accumulate over time, diminishing your tool’s overall performance. All of them make your bowstring wear out prematurely.
  6. Make sure that all the accessories have been installed correctly. The bow sight, arrow, stabilizer and others should be attached to the bow accurately.

How to Change the Compound Bow Strings?

Most bowstrings can be changed at home if you have enough experience. Still, with compound bowstrings, it is best to take them to a professional or an archery store. Visiting a pro shop to check for the string’s conditions or to get a new set. They will let you know about your bow and if you need any needed items for their performance.

If you are planning to get a set of strings of your custom colours, then you can ask the bow tech and get suggestions from them. They will also help you set up your bowstrings and give you some great advice to ensure that they provide optimum performance.

How to Treat a New Set of Bowstrings?

Before using the new bowstrings, you should know how to treat them carefully. Once you get a new set of strings, you have to shoot them somewhere between 100 to 200 times so that they have stretched enough. The bowstrings mostly come pre-stretched right from the manufacturers. Still, the break-in periods are crucial for every one of them.

This will warm up your bowstrings for further and extended use. Once that is done, take your bow to your trusted pro shop to get final approval from the professionals. You also need to do a tune-up for your new set of strings and get an inspection to see if they are alright after usage.

In Conclusion:

Every archer wants to ensure that the compound bow string lasts as long as possible because the strings are expensive. No one wants to replace them every often because that will be costly and time-consuming. However, it would help if you did not use the same strings for more than three years because they will lose their ability. It will also be hazardous as the strings might snap at any moment.

No matter how much you care for the strings, they will not stay the same because of the stress they have to endure over and over again. Luckily, there are many signs to notice which indicate that you have to replace the bowstrings immediately or soon.

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