Compound Bow Peep Sight Types

For new hunters, one of the central questions is which peep sight size is perfect to use. The answer is not straightforward because no specific or custom match size would suit you.

Some specific factors come into play when trying to find a perfect compound bow peep sight type for yourself. Even though the peep sight is a simple part, it plays a massive role in the archery game.

In this article, we will be discussing the different types and why you should get either of them.

What is the Peep Sight of a Bow?

The peep sight is often found on a compound bow. However, any bow can use this archery gear because of its popularity. The archery bow peep sight is a small round tool explicitly designed so that archers get help to shoot more consistently.

To describe it in simpler words, the hole in the bowstring stands just in line with the archer’s eye, pin, and target. It is installed into a bowstring, and along with the conjunction of the bow sight, it helps narrow the archer’s view of the field.

When this happens, it helps the archer to focus more on the target since their view has been reduced. It makes it easier for the archer to get a better view of their target than not using one. Using it more will improve the ability of an archer’s eye to focus on the target more efficiently and consistently.

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 Why is the Compound Bow Peep Sight Important?

The peep sight is a very casual part of the bow’s setup, but its importance gets looked over in most cases. The most crucial task of a peep sight is correctly aligning the bow’s front sight. This is similar to how the rear sight of a rifle is used to align the front sight bead.

Without the alignment, it is tough for the archer to align the front sight of the bow, making the archer shoot the arrow with less accuracy. Even though the peep sight is not a requirement for every bow, it can help with multiple factors which would help enhance your archery performance.

Most archery professionals suggest investing in a peep sight for the compound bows. They help a lot and will help you make the perfect shot in almost every archery game. The peep sight seems like a tiny product, but the difference it creates is immense.

With the help of a peep sight, the front sight of the bow can form an alignment. This ensures that the shooter has their alignment correctly. With more and more shots, the consistency of hitting the target reaches the maximum level.

The Types of Compound Bow Peep Sight.

There are many peep sight types to choose from, but you need to know more about it to get one for yourself. That is because not all peep sights can work according to your preference, so it is crucial that you know which one you should get before settling for one.

In this section, we will discuss the different compound bow peep sight types and why you should choose each.

1. Tube Peep Sight.

The tube peep sight attaches itself from the top limb of a bow or the cables and goes up to the bow string. Once you draw the bow, the connections let the peep spin the body in their proper alignment. If the peep is put on correctly, then the main advantage of this design is to keep the peep appropriately aligned.

However, one of the significant disadvantages of this design is that the tube can break very easily and get caught on to things. It would help if you always carried an extra tubing with you because the peep sight tubing can break anytime.

2. Tubeless Peep Sight.

Unlike the tube peep sight, the tubeless peep sight does not connect to the bow’s limb or cable; instead, they free float on the bow string. The problem is that using them can be tricky because it interrupts the string rotation, but it is a good choice if they can be installed properly.

There is no tubing with this peep sight, so you do not have to worry about it breaking as you use it for some time. The only downfall is that the peep can rotate as you are using it, but if you have it installed by a professional, this will not be an issue.

3. Double Slot Peep.

Double slot peep is one of the most well-known and popular choices for many professional archers because they are effortless to install and relatively simple. They are mounted horizontally, and they can maximize the peep rotation. The double-slot peep sight has two slots for the bowstring.

The double slots get fitted within the two strands of the bow’s string, which divides it into two equal parts. There is a significant issue: installing the peep sight can go wrong, preventing the alignment from being proper when you are about to draw fully.

4. Triple Slot Peep.

As the name suggests, the triple slot peep has three slots that fit within the three strands of the bow’s strings. This peep sight is shared amongst the archers because they offer a clear view of the target. Even if the string keeps rotating, your view will not get despaired, which means you can keep your focus on the target.

The only disadvantage is that they are challenging to install compared to the two slot peep sights. You need to consult a professional to install the triple slot peep properly, so they do not malfunction during the game.

The Different Sizes of Peep Sight.

Various sizes of the peep sight are available. Many measurement options can be found in the market. The peep sight size range varies anywhere from 1/32 inches to ¼ inches in diameter. The preferred peep sizes are 1/8 inches, ¼ inches, and 3/16 inches. Almost 95% of shooters in the archery game will go for either of these two peep sight sizes for their compound bows.

Most sight styles will fit the 3/16 inches peep size by far. For choosing the peep size circumference that is preferable for you, there are certain aspects you should consider.

Target archers tend to go for narrow peep sights as they offer more accuracy on the field. You can quickly shoot at your target if the peep sight is smaller. As for broader or large peep sights, they provide more visibility to the archer during the game. In low-light conditions, these peep sights are more popular for archers.

Which Peep Sight Size to Choose?

The peep sight can be small or large, and choosing the one depends on what you want from your bow. Here we will discuss the small and large peep sights and which will offer what during hunting.

Small Peep Sight.

If the diameter of your peep size is small, then they are known to provide more accuracy in the field. Competition and target shooters prefer small peep sights because they provide a much narrow aiming window for the shooter. Hunters that need extreme accuracy go for the small peep sights.

During daylight hunting, a smaller peep is expected to provide better sight clarity as the narrow aperture allows an enhanced focus of the target. But, in heavy shading or low light, the shooter’s sight might become impaired and dark. Those suffering from vision problems will not benefit from using a small peep sight.

In the small peep sight size category, the 1/32 inches, 3/64 inches, 1/16 inches, 3/32 inches, and 1/8 inches are included. These are the most common ones in the lot. Those with excellent eyesight can take good advantage of such smaller peep sight sizes.

Large Peep Sight.

A larger diameter in the peep sight will likely not offer you less accuracy than the smaller ones. They are more popular to provide more light to see the target clearer when the area is heavily dense or in low light conditions.

As for close-range hunting, big peep sights are also preferred as they provide a full view of the field and let the shooter aim the shooter pin on the target more appropriately. For shooters with impaired vision or problematic eyesight, they are likely to choose a large peep sight.

During hunting, these peep sights are used in the large kill zones as they can kill animals more efficiently. Even with a large peep sight size, you must fit the sight properly according to your vision. If the floating space in sight is too much in your vision, you will face some accuracy issues.

The large peep sizes mean 3/16 inches, 7/32 inches, ¼ inches, and 5/16 inches. These are the common ones for people that prefer large peep sight sizes.

In Conclusion:

Peep sights are essential for archers who want a more accurate shoot, but most people overlook their usage. There are various compound bow peep sight types and sizes for you. The one you choose depends on what you want when you are in the field. The different types serve different purposes, and you cannot expect each to offer you the same benefits.

Smaller peep sights will provide you with better accuracy. While larger peep sights will be more helpful in low-light environments. If you are someone that wants to have more focus on the target, then getting a peep sight that can get installed on your compound bow properly will help you with it.

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