Is Compound Bow Considered a Firearm

The origin of bows and arrows comes from a historical background, even though they are known to be fun, sporty instruments. Many sports lovers are known to be fond of the different types of bows because of how thrilling they are to play with.

In some cities worldwide, bows and arrows might be considered war weapons because of their history involving wars. This raises the question of their legality and if sports that include such items should be held publicly.

In this article, we will talk about if a compound bow is considered a firearm and more there is to know about it.

Can a Compound Bow be a Firearm?

The compound bow is unlike the traditional bow and arrow because the regular ones rely on pulling a string so the arrow can get into the air. The traditional arrow and bows need a lot of strength to function. Meanwhile, compound bows are easier to use and offer more accuracy.

The limbs of a compound bow are stiff, but they do not take much energy to open. This makes them a popular choice for target practice all around the US and in many other countries. Not just that, they are also one of the most common bows because often, these can be used during hunting.

All of this makes the compound bow not a firearm but undoubtedly; they are still very deadly. Bows and arrows do not fall under the explosive weapons category meaning they are not included in the Gun Control Act. This means convicted felons can purchase and use them under federal law while following some provisos.

When you own a compound bow, you must apply for a hunting license to use it on the open field. You also need to adhere to strict laws that control the bow hunting season, or you will lose the ability to use your compound bow legally. The laws vary from area to area, depending on the gun hunting season.

Is the Compound Bow a Deadly Weapon?

The compound bow is not a firearm for sure, but this is undoubtedly a deadly weapon. Before all the different types of guns were invented, bows and arrows were used to kill people in wars. This is because the bows can kill a person just by injuring their organs beyond repair. With advancement, the compound bows did not become any safer; instead, their accuracy improved, and so did the chances of killing any living being almost instantly.

The state and jurisdiction are entirely in charge of declaring whether the compound bow is a deadly weapon. So, the decision is highly flexible and can vary from country to country. Any object that can be used to injure a living being fatally is considered a deadly weapon. Any bow and arrow can be deadly if used to end a person’s life.

Under some states, almost all weapons are considered deadly. To further clarify, the tool is taken as a deadly weapon despite the user’s intent. So, if you purchase a compound bow in hopes of using it as a hunting tool, the state will not let that happen. Because it is a deadly weapon, you are probably lying to get it and instead use the tool to kill someone.

However, some people believe that the court should not entirely make the decision as the owner’s intention should also be taken into account. Bows and arrows are also used as a sporting instruments to have fun.

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Does a Compound Bow Need a License?

Using or owning a compound bow in the US does not require a license. But the state laws might vary according to the legislatures’ interpretation. So there might be some restrictions in your locality for bows and arrows. Ensure that your archery tools are legal and you follow all the regulations by contacting the local legislative office.

Some regulations surround the minimum age allowed to use a compound bow. This is one rule followed in almost every state to maintain the safety of citizens. In most European countries, anyone below eighteen cannot own any bow. Even for using, you must have a grownup with you at all times.

Depending on the details of your bow and arrow, the rules and regulations will differ from state to state. They will check your bow’s weight, size and style and pass their opinions on to them.

For example, in New York, the bow should have a draw weight of thirty-five pounds or more than that. In Montana, any bow that weighs less than three hundred pounds or shorter than twenty-eight inches cannot be used publicly. But there are some states, such as Georgia, Arizona and Alabama, where you do not have to maintain any size regulations for your bow.

You must require a license for bowhunting in most states. The regulations for the types of bows differ from state to state, even if you use them for hunting animals. That is because any bow can be used to hunt any animal and kill a person.

Even though crossbows fall under the bow category, crossbows are different from compound bows because they are much more deadly and considered a firearm. So, the rules surrounding them differ from those for compound bows.

Is it Legal to Use a Compound Bow in Public?

According to the law, you can take your compound bow out in public. Still, to shoot it, you must be fifty yards away from any street or highway. You must maintain a distance of one hundred yards for buildings, recreation areas, airports or any historical sites.

The rules might vary depending on the hunting or non-hunting seasons. For example, many parks allow you to practice archery in specific areas. Still, people often go to parks for hiking. Even by maintaining proper safety, some mistakes may happen, potentially injuring another person. So, you must contact the park managers to ensure you use your compound bow legally and safely. The park rangers can also help you with the park’s local rules to maintain the public’s safety.

The rules for using these items in public vary from country to country. In the UK, you can use your compound bow in public as long as you are not putting anyone’s life in danger. You must also ensure that you are fifty meters away from any average person while operating your bow and arrow.

Your backyard is also technically a public space since other people can access it if they want to. Check the local regulations of your state and have it approved by any ordinance officer if needed to use practice archery in the backyard. If the law lets you practice in the backyard, you want to be safe and legal.

It is also a good idea to keep the archery target secured from the public using rubber mats or plywood walls, even if the law does not require it. This will keep the public safe if you miss your arrows. Hurting anyone will cause you a lot of trouble legally and financially, which no one wants, even if you are one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Is it Legal To Carry a Compound Bow in Public?

It is legal to carry a bow and arrow around the public as long as it is in an enclosed case and unstrung. If the arrows are open to the public, anyone can snatch them and use them as a weapon for wounding people. Ensure that your compound bow is in a case, especially when walking on the streets.

Regardless of the way of transportation, you have to keep bows and arrows within the case when out in public. The rules stay the same even if you are in a stopped vehicle or while parking. The idea is that no other person should be able to access your bow or arrow because you do not know anyone’s intentions. This rule applies to any transport, public or private.

As for airplanes, you must safely wrap up the entire bow and arrow to ensure all the parts are hidden. Ensure that all the sharp edges are wrapped up and concealed. While checking in the package, security might ask you to dismantle your compound bow to check them further.

You also cannot put them in your carry-on because that would make them concealed weapons. Instead, you must check in the bow and arrow while fully packed with other luggage. Then, you have to hand over your archery tool to the officials so that it can stay within the aircraft’s hold for the rest of your trip.

But, some countries and airlines do not allow you to travel with your bow and arrows, even if they are on the aircraft’s hold. This is common for a lot of international countries. So you must ensure their rules and regulations before boarding the flight with your archery tool.

In Conclusion:

The compound bow is not a firearm in most countries but it is still deadly. In the past, the bow and arrows were used to kill people; with time, accuracy and intent to kill have just improved. So, to practice archery anywhere, you must ensure that other people are safe if you do not hit the target. It is best to practice archery where the spots are designed to practice this sport so that casualties can be minimized.

There are various rules and regulations you have to ensure before using this deadly tool because you do not want to get involved with any legal accusations. Check with your local authorities if you are staying within the regulations before getting your compound bow out in public.

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