Best Walking Boots for Narrow Feet

If you are someone who needs boots for supporting your feet while walking and hiking, walking boots would be definitely on the priority list. Because these basically work as a convenient support system during outdoor activities.

For narrow feet, the regular walking boots are not so good as they don’t fit well to give you the ultimate comfort and support.

The best dirt bike boots for narrow feet will satisfy all your requirements of walking and hiking boots, even in extreme walking surface conditions. This article is all you need to get yourself a perfect pair of walking boots among a hundred other different choices.

Why Do I Need the Best Hiking Boots for Narrow Feet?

People who are not so regular in hiking and trekking might wonder about the importance of using walking boots. Regular walking shoes are often considered as the substitute for boots, but in reality, they are not. Let us go through some benefits of walking boots so that you can understand why you need them the most.


While you walk to the hills, slopes, and other uneven surfaces, no regular walking shoes can provide you with such comfort as walking boots. If you have narrow feet, regular shoes won’t fit perfectly most of the time. But in the case of walking boots, you can wear them on your narrow feet with the perfect fit and comfortable soles.


Walking on various terrains needs strong and durable footwear as regular walking shoes would wear out in just a few days if walked on such surfaces. Walking boots are made with strong materials that will support you for a long time, even if you go on trekking and hiking for weeks and months.


Walking boots ensure safety for your feet that other types of walking shoes can’t. You might get hurt while walking on uneven surfaces with traditional walking shoes. But the boots are protective enough to keep your feet safe even while doing strength-based activities.

Best Walking Boots for Narrow Feet

You will find varieties of walking boots for narrow feet depending on some factors and specifications. Here we are discussing the specifications, pros, and cons of the seven best walking boots for narrow feet so that you may find it easy  to pick the most suitable one for yourself.

Mens Womens Winter Ankle Show Hiking Boots

The first one we have is artificial leather-made walking boots by MISHANSHA. This brand has made an environment-friendly approach by using artificial leather instead of real animal leather.

Durable and waterproof outer surface of these boots ensures complete protection for weeks and months. They are indeed a great choice for going on hiking and trekking in almost every season.

If you are looking for winter boots for narrow feet, nothing can be better than the MISHANSHA hiking boots because these boots have a furry entrance and a fur insole to provide you with warmth and comfort in winter.

The midsole ensures flexibility, and the outsole gives you complete support while walking on different surfaces. Besides, the outsole is made with water-resistant material for keeping your feet dry and fresh.

While hiking on rough and uneven terrains, there is a possibility of slipping down from the slopes as you will find several boots which don’t have enough grip on the sole.

But these boots could be your savior in such situations as they have anti-slip rubber-made soles with groove designs. As a result, you can be completely safe from slipping and hurting your feet.


  • Furry insole keeps your feet warm in low temperatures
  • Non-slip sole ensures protection against slipping
  • Strong and durable outer layer gives support to your feet
  • Water resistive material prevents water from seeping
  • Flexible for all kinds of outdoor activities


  • Seems like a cheaply made clunky design

Short Verdict

The MISHANSHA hiking boots could be your ultimate companion whether you go on hiking or trekking in hills and slopes. These are hard outside but soft inside so that your feet remain protected and also you can feel comfortable even after hiking all day long.

La Sportiva Pyramid GTX Hiking Shoe

Among a ton of brands with unique specifications, La Sportiva brings out their signature hiking shoes with EVA soles so that you experience the highest comfort.

These soles have shock absorbance properties that reduce the strain created in your body due to walking and running. As a result, you won’t feel the sudden stroke of kinetic force while your feet hitting the ground.

Besides, the insoles ensure better ground insulation than any other walking boots out there. These lightweight hiking boots are easier to use as you can wear them for hours without any uncomfortable feeling. They will provide you with enough stability and flexibility while doing outdoor activities like walking, running, and trekking.

For providing the necessary grip on rough terrains, these boots have groovy outsoles. These are specially designed for trekking so that you can have enough traction on all types of surfaces.

While regular walking shoes for narrow feet often can’t ensure necessary ventilation through the outer surface, the La Sportiva hiking boots are made with breathable material for keeping your feet fresh by ensuring air circulation.

The grainy nubuck leather-made outer surface is more durable and comfortable than regular leather. So, they feel like soft velvet and provide the utmost comfort.


  • Provides maximum protection against abrasion
  • Comfortable and well fitted for narrow feet
  • Breathable outer layer for air circulation
  • Ensures necessary grip on uneven surfaces
  • Lightweight and compact boots to carry conveniently


  • Might not fit well in the ankle area

Short Verdict

The La Sportiva shoes are perfect for those who are tired of using their uncomfortable and heavy hiking shoes because these boots will ensure the highest comfort, stability, and durability for your all-day-long outdoor activities.

Salomon Men’s OUTline GTX Hiking Shoes

If you are going hiking for several hours on hills and slopes, it is important to choose such hiking shoes which can keep your feet dry for all those hours. Because sweaty and wet feet can give rise to fungal infections and rashes to your skin.

Salomon cares about their consumers’ needs, and as a result, the outline GTX series has produced hiking shoes that are breathable enough to keep your feet dry and fresh for a long time.

These walking boots are versatile to adapt to every situation and every environment. You can also carry them in your backpack easily because of being lightweight and compact.

For any trail, they will provide you with enough flexibility, traction, and grip so that you can enjoy all your outdoor activities like walking, running, trekking and hiking. The shock-absorbent EVA foam-made midsole of these shoes prevent strains while walking and running.

On muddy trails, the mesh outer layer of the walking shoes prevents dirt, mud, and other debris from being stuck on the surface. Besides, the water-resistant outer layer doesn’t let water seep into the shoe even while going on wet terrains. So, you can easily clean them with a brush and a damp cloth. 


  • Gives complete protection to your feet in different trails
  • The rubber soles provide enough grip and traction
  • Breathable mesh outer surface keeps feet dry
  • Ensures smooth walking on all surfaces
  • Reduces strain and shock while walking and running


  • Don’t work well for colder weather conditions

Short Verdict

The outline GTX series of Salomon is capable of fulfilling all your requirements of walking boots and shoes, especially for the warmer days because these ensure perfect ventilation around your feet, which prevents unwanted sweating and keeps your feet dry by the natural air circulation process.

Asolo Men’s Falcon GV Hiking Boot

Are you a heavy-duty hiker and want such footwear that will support you even on rough hiking days? Then you can completely rely on Asolo to provide you with the amazing features of the falcon GV hiking boots.

These are specially designed for those rough days of hiking when you need strong and durable boots to ensure complete protection to your feet against all difficulties.

The upper part of the boots is made with waterproof hard fabric so that you can walk tension free in wet terrains without getting your feet wet. Because of the Gor-tex lining on the upper layer, proper air circulation occurs, and your feet remain dry even after wearing them for hours.

Its toe cap is made of TPU, which is a biodegradable material providing the shoes extra strength, shock absorbency, and elasticity.

To maintain a proper balance of the pressure points of your feet, these boots have cushioned midsoles made by dual-density construction. Because of the layering on midsoles, they don’t shrink easily and give proper support to your feet without feeling hard.

Besides, the EVA foam provides enough grip and prevents your feet from sliding over the soles while walking downwards.


  • Made with grain leather to provide comfortable upper
  • Breathable fabric prevents overheating of your feet
  • Size variations available both for wide and narrow feet
  • Suitable for rough hiking and trekking
  • Provides well grip both on dry and wet surfaces


  • The outsoles might wear out in a few uses

Short Verdict

Whether you go on a well-maintained hike or the most rugged one, these boots can be your constant partner in every situation and every environment, providing you comfort and safety. If you are a hiker going on tough hiking, nothing can serve you well like the Asolo hiking boots.

Arc’teryx Acrux TR GTX Boot Men’s

If you are looking for the 2022 best dirt bike boots for narrow feet which are suitable for technical hiking, these TR GTX boots definitely deserve to be on your top priority list because you will rarely find such strong and durable boots in the market as these ones.

For hiking on rough trails, no other boots can pull off better than these as they can deliver you the highest comfort and support throughout your whole hiking journey.

Though these are ultra-durable and strong boots, they are super lightweight so that you can wear them all day long and carry them easily in your backpack too.

The waterproof and windproof outer layer protects your feet from all types of weather conditions and works like a support system and protective shelter. This layer prevents water from penetrating through the boots.

For protecting the forefoot, the boots have a TPU made toe cap which also works as a shock-absorbent layer. Though the outer layer is waterproof, it ventilates the necessary air inside the boots for keeping your feet dry both in summer and winter.

The midsole is made of EVA foam with extra cushioning for giving you both comfort and stability.


  • Specially designed for rugged and technical hiking
  • Strong and durable construction for a long-time use
  • Protective against rough terrains and vulnerable weather conditions
  • Breathable mesh fabric allows necessary air circulation
  • Slip-resistant outsole provides grip over surfaces


  • Poor stitching might leak water

Short Verdict

Whether you are walking, running, or climbing; the Acrux hiking boots are the ultimate savior for anyone who loves hiking and trekking. The high-quality construction of these boots is definitely worthy of all your attention.

La Sportiva Men’s Hiking Boots

Another hiking boot of La Sportiva has made it to the list of the best hiking boots for narrow feet. These are leather-made durable boots with a mesh lining where the leather makes the boots stable, and the mesh layer ensures necessary ventilation.

For summer, these shoes give you extreme comfort because the breathable fabric doesn’t let your feet remain sweaty and wet. As a result, your feet remain dry and free from any kind of skin infection.

La Sportiva did an amazing job with their hiking boots by producing the midsoles with EVA and SBR. The EVA foam is a cushioned material that will give support to the pressure points of your feet so that long and rough hiking sessions don’t make your feet tired.

In addition to that, SBR increases the durability of the midsoles and prevents unwanted abrasion. Both of these materials make the midsoles strong and comfortable.

Whether you have wide or narrow feet, these hiking boots are suitable for both types by ensuring a snug and perfect fit. You can also use them in winter with good-quality hiking socks because the outer layer keeps your feet warm in colder temperatures by providing the necessary insulation.

Besides, the mesh fabric prevents overheating by maintaining the optimum temperature of your feet.


  • Snug fit both for wide and narrow feet
  • Suitable for use in all seasons
  • Comfortable midsole made with extra cushioned EVA and SBR
  • Breathable mesh upper ensures air circulation
  • Lace system on the entrance allows a custom fit


  • The heels on the outsoles may harm the ankles

Short Verdict

For every trail, whether a well-maintained hiking or the most rugged trekking; La Sportiva will be at your back for fulfilling all your requirements regarding hiking boots.

Propet Women’s Delaney Strap Ankle Boot

Last but not the least, we have such a walking shoe which will provide you with all-over comfort and will fit in your budget too. These ankle boots are specially made for complete ankle support, and the high cut design covers your ankle to protect it from injuries while hiking and trekking on hills and slopes.

The insole is made of latex which has a cushioned layer and Nylex lining for ensuring extra comfort to your feet. They won’t shrink easily and you can use them for a long time because of that Nylex lining.

Strong and durable rubber is used in the outsole, which makes the boots lightweight. These outsoles have unique tread designs with grooves for providing necessary traction and grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

Often walking shoes hardly leave any space around your feet, makes you feel uncomfortable, and don’t let your feet move freely. But the Propet ankle boots are specially designed for giving you the best experience of walking. They allow free movement of your feet so that you can walk comfortably, even for several hours.

Besides, the removable cushioned insoles can be replaced easily according to your preference.


  • Supports your ankle compared to other walking boots
  • Can be used both for wide and narrow feet
  • The strap closure provides more flexibility
  • Leaves enough room around your feet
  • Comfortable for using all day long


  • The side seams might feel harsh on feet

Short Verdict

If you want to choose one of the best walking boots for complete support to your feet and ankles, there is no better choice than the Propet ankle boot. These might be the best purchases you could ever make!

Things to Consider Before Buying

You will find a bunch of variations of walking boots depending on different factors including the material, type, using directions, and much more. If you are buying a pair of walking boots for yourself, there are some key factors that you need to focus on because these will help you to find the best one.


The material of walking boots needs to be settled down according to your personal preferences. If you have no issues regarding hard and strong boots, you may choose leather-made shoes. These are easier to clean and maintain.

But they are heavy and space-consuming. Sometimes, you might feel uncomfortable wearing them for too long. But nubuck leather is more comfortable than the regular ones as they offer a grainy and velvet-like surface.

On the other hand, fabric, and mesh material-made shoes are more comfortable than leather boots because they are mostly breathable. Besides, these are lightweight and compact shoes which you can wear for a long time without any uncomfortable feeling. But cleaning fabric-made boots might be a tiresome and difficult job.


Basically, the durability depends on the material, quality, maintenance process, and your purpose of using walking boots. The harder the material, the longer its lifespan will be. But often, fabric-made soft boots can last long because of their high quality and stability.

Generally, the average mileage of a good-quality walking boot is 1000 miles. But the lifespan of these boots highly depends on how frequently and roughly you are using them.

If you are someone who goes hiking and trekking on rough terrains on a regular basis, the boots might not last long. But if you maintain them well by cleaning, natural drying, polishing, and retouching, you can walk for more than 1000 miles wearing them.

Getting the Right Fit

Often people wonder about the fitting of walking boots as there always remains a question that what is the right fit? Or how tight walking boots should be?

Actually, it is mostly dependent on someone’s personal preference and comfort. If you are wearing socks, always try them on with the shoes. This will make things a bit easier to find the perfect fit.

The right fit of walking shoes describes such a measurement where there isn’t too much space around your feet, but your fingers shouldn’t get scrunched up while wearing them. Try to buy a pair that will feel comfortable around your feet and ensure air circulation.

Waterproof Outer Surface

For hiking boots, water-resistive properties are more than essential to keep your feet dry even while walking on wet terrains.

There are some walking shoes that have a waterproof surface, but water can seep through the shoes because of the poor stitching. In this case, fungal infections can occur if your feet remain wet for too long.

So, it is necessary to check if the boots are waterproof or not. Generally, leather-made boots are considered more waterproof than other ones out there. But nowadays, many brands are producing walking boots with pseudo leather and various water-resistant fabrics. These also work well against water and keep your feet protected.


While you go on hiking or trekking, you need to perform strenuous activities which require flexible footwear. If your footwear is not flexible enough, it can hinder the free movement of your feet, and you might feel uncomfortable if you wear them for too long.

A pair of flexible hiking boots will allow your free movement in every type of outdoor activity. If you need to hike all day long, they won’t make you feel uncomfortable, rather support you for a long time. So, checking the flexibility of hiking boots is a must while choosing one for yourself.


Generally, a pair of walking boots consist of two types of soles: the outsole and the midsole. The outsoles are made with rubber, and they should provide enough tractions and grip to walk on slopes and uneven surfaces.

While buying hiking boots, you should notice the tread design of the outsole because they play a vital role in ensuring a well-maintained grip in muddy and wet terrains.

The main purpose of the midsole is to provide comfort and stability to your feet. Generally, they can be made of rubber or EVA foam.

The EVA foam can provide you with better service than rubber midsoles as they are soft, comfortable, durable, and shock absorbent. But they might shrink after a few uses, while rubber doesn’t shrink even if you use them for weeks.


A pair of hiking boots with proper insulation properties can be a blessing for you while you go on hiking in colder temperatures. In this case, the breathability of the shoes also plays a vital role because the insulation process works well if the shoe is breathable enough.

Otherwise, your walking boots might get overheated inside and make you feel like your feet are burning even in cold weather conditions.

Instead of regular walking shoes, you can buy hiking boots with furry lining and fur-made midsoles. They will maintain proper insulation and provide you with the necessary warmth in winter.

The insulation of hiking boots is measured by the per square meter weight of the insulating material used in those boots. You should be sure about the weight chart before buying them for snowy weather.

Types of Cuts

There are hiking shoes with different types of cuts: low cut, mid-cut, and high cut. If you are going on a perfectly-maintained hiking trip, you can choose low-cut shoes.

They are mostly like regular walking shoes that don’t cover the ankles. The mid-cut hiking shoes can be used in regular hiking as they offer more support to your ankle compared to the low-cut shoes.

For complete protection of your feet and ankles, high-cut hiking boots are better than anything. Even if you go on rough trekking and running, these will ensure safety and comfort to your feet no matter what. You should buy them according to your type of hiking and trekking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of walking boots provides more safety to ankles?

For ensuring complete protection to your ankles, high-cut hiking boots are better than low-cut or mid-cut boots.

Are grooves necessary for outsoles?

Groove designs are not a must for walking boots. But if the outsoles of hiking shoes have tread designs with grooves, they can provide more traction and grip than the regular outsoles.

What is the best material for toe caps in hiking boots?

Generally, rubber or silicon-made toe caps can be great for preventing abrasion. But nowadays, many brands are using TPU for toe caps, which can be shock-absorbent, more comfortable, and flexible too.

Can leather-made boots ensure air circulation?

Leather can pass air to a small extent, but it is not the best option. Fabric-made hiking shoes ensure the highest breathability and ventilation for keeping your feet dry.

Are regular hiking shoes suitable for use in winter?

Boots with a hard and strong outer layer can work well during winter. But hiking boots with fur lining provide more warmth than the regular ones.

Final Words

The best hiking boot can be a game-changer for you to go for walking and hiking for hours without making your feet feeling uncomfortable.

I hope it helped you to choose the best dirt bike boots for narrow feet among a thousand variations. Buy yourself the best one and enjoy your hiking and trekking days without any worries.

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