Best Red Dot for Canik TP9SFX

You don’t necessarily have to invest in an expensive red dot sight to shoot more precisely with your Canik TP9 handgun. There are some red dot sights for both short and long range target shooting as well as self-defense with great accurate shooting results.

While looking for best Canik TP9 red dot, I’ve made this list of 5 red dots based on accuracy, durability, adjustments, brightness levels, and lens quality. Also, these 5 sights got great customer feedback. So, yeah, it’s not another random list of red dots.

Top 5 Vector Canik TP9 Red Dot

This list of red dots for Canik TP9 SC, TP9SFX, and similar other handgun models, include sights of a wide variety of price range. So, even if you got a minimal budget for the sight, the list got you covered.

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights

Among professionals and enthusiasts, Vortex is a popular name for sights. For your Vector Canik TP9, this one will fit just perfect on the adapter plate.

The sight got durable aluminum housing to make sure it withstands harsh conditions you throw at it. Vortex used multi-coated high-quality lenses, which allows the shooter to get a clean and wide field view.

If your shooting purposes require quick target acquisition, you’ll find this sight to be extremely accurate regardless of the lighting conditions. There are 10 brightness levels for you to adjust. Whether it’s daylight or night, shooting precision won’t be compromised for the brightness issue whatsoever.

In addition, you can also use auto-brightness mode to make it less hasslesome to adjust the brightness.

The sight also offers elevation and windage dial adjustments with 1 MOA click. Regardless of your shooting skills, you won’t face issues with adjustments.

When it’s about real-life performance, the sight was very accurate and consistent within 15 yards. Even at night, shoots were hitting targets with no issues at all.

The battery will last around 150 hours at the highest setting. Of course, you’ll get more backup as you won’t be using it at its highest setting. Also, the battery is a lot easier to replace for its top load system.


  • Extremely accurate and consistent within a mid-long distance
  • Impressive low light shooting precision
  • 10 adjustment levels with auto adjustment setting
  • Convenient dial windage and elevation adjustments
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Multi-coated lenses ideal for dark conditions


  • Accuracy isn’t that much in auto brightness mode

Short Verdict

At this price point, it’s the best sight for Canik TP9SFX handgun in terms of long-distance shooting for its excellent shooting accuracy even in low lights.

Vortex Optics Razor Red Dot Sights

If you’re looking for a sight for short range shooting, you should definitely check out these red dot sights from Vortex. It comes with 3 MOA for mid-distance and 6 MOA dot for short-distance options, be sure to choose one as per your shooting requirements.

For daylight shooting, the optics offer 9 brightness levels. You can easily change the levels as per the lighting conditions. When shooting in low-light conditions, you’ll find these sights very accurate.

Using an Allen key, you can adjust the windage and elevation with either 3 or 6 MOA options. Adjustments are pretty accurate for mid and short distances of shooting.

The unit is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with O-ring sealing to assure you of its durability. Its waterproof and shockproof properties stand out really great against harsh conditions.

On the lenses, Vortex used anti-reflective XR coatings. This significantly increases light transmission to get you much better visibility in daylight. For protection, lenses got Armortek coatings to tackle scratches and stains.

Mounting these red dot sights won’t be an issue for your TP9SFX handgun. Changing the battery is pretty easy and quick. At the highest settings, you can use it for up to 150 hours.


  • Ideal for shooting mid and short distance
  • Accurate shooting performance in both indoors and outdoors
  • 9 brightness levels for comfortable visibility
  • Aircraft grade durable aluminum housing with premium anti-reflective and scratch-proof lenses
  • Dial system adjustments for windage and elevation
  • Waterproof and shockproof design


  • Auto shut-off is short out of the box
  • Buttons are hard to push

Short Verdict

For short and mid-distance shooting purposes, it’s a perfect TP9 red dot for the price. The durability is unmatched when compared to competitors within this price range.

Trijicon SRO Sight 5.0 MOA Red Dot

For those of you who need a red dot sight with a larger field view, this one would be the best optics for Canik TP9SFX you can get. You’ll get all the adjustments and tweaks you need for your short-distance shooting precision.

The SRO allows tool-free windage and elevation adjustments. You can also zero all things pretty easily. As far as the brightness goes, it comes with 8 adjustment settings with 3 modes. No matter under what condition you’re using the Canik SFX, the red dot will be comfortable to your eyes.

With 5.0 MOA, this is one of the best sights for competitive shooting for your handgun. The point will be pretty large and precise at shooting targets. Also, for self-defense, you’ll find this sight extremely useful. However, the sight is also available in 1.0 and 2.5 MOA options.

Talking about the materials, Trijicon used quality aluminum material to craft this sight. However, for its round shape, it doesn’t seem that it can withstand abuses that much. The lens is crisp and clear for you to see through it exceptionally well.

Similar to other sights on the list, this one also has a top-loading battery compartment for you to easily replace the battery.

Mounting the sight is pretty easy on handguns. You might need a conversion plate suitable for your handgun to mount it properly.


  • Exceptionally larger field view
  • Accurate for competitive shooting and self-defense
  • Helps to acquire targets pretty fast
  • Decent lens quality with 8 brightness adjustments
  • Tool-less windage and elevation adjustments


  • A bit pricey

Short Verdict

Although the price is a bit high, the overall accuracy, and mostly importantly its larger field view makes the sight worthwhile considering.

Burris FastFire

There are red dot sights that perform similar to the FastFire, but you’ll have to pay twice the price for those sights. So, from a budget perspective, it delivers quite more than what you pay for it.

The sight performs superbly when it comes to shooting accuracy. If you’ll be shooting at targets from a distance, get the 3 MOA option. Otherwise, the 8 MOA option will do great for close-range shooting purposes.

You’ll be able to pick up the red dot even in extremely tight groups. Regardless of shooting distance, it stands for the best red dot for Canik TP9SFX at this price point.

Made of durable aluminum, it can withstand abuses easily. The sight feels pretty lightweight, so it won’t add much weight to your TP9FX handgun. Burris constructed the housing in a way that makes it a great quality waterproof sight for handguns.

You can adjust the brightness in 3 levels. The mid brightness will be more than enough to get clear visibility during a sunny day. However, there’s an auto-brightness setting that seems to adjust to the lighting condition decently.

All the adjustments are tool-less, be it for windage or elevation, and these adjustments are quite accurate, too, even for beginners. In fact, it might make you feel like cheating when it’s about competitive shooting games.

Changing the battery won’t be an issue as you can access the battery from its top. The sight will give you a low battery indicator when it’s time to change the battery.


  • Super fast target acquisition with great accuracy
  • Red dot is bright enough even at mid settings on sunny days
  • Durable aluminum and waterproof housing
  • Adjustments don’t require using any tool
  • Doesn’t add much weight to the handgun
  • 3 MOA option is extremely accurate and consistent for long-range shooting


  • Setting the sight might be a bit difficult
  • Battery has to be installed precisely

Short Verdict

You can’t go wrong with this red dot mount for Canik handgun. Be sure to take time while installing the battery, and you’ll do just fine with this unit.

Ade Advanced Optics Spike RD3-018 Red Dot Sight

Last but not the least, this Canik TP9SFX red dot sight doesn’t require any additional plate for installation. Also, the sight is perfect for similar other handgun models. If you’re looking for a red dot sight for close-range shooting purposes, this would be a value for money pick for you.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and multi-coated glass, it’s durable enough to withstand harsh conditions as well as abuses. Similar to other sights at this price range, it has better housing.

Unfortunately, you can’t manually adjust the brightness on this sight. Its auto-brightness feature sets the ideal brightness level according to the lighting conditions, which looks pretty good to the eyes.

With the 4 MOA option, shooting targets in a close range will be pretty accurate and consistent. For a bit of long-range shooting, it won’t be that precise at targets. The sight feels lightweight for its aluminum construction, thus, won’t be adding much weight to your gun.

Replacing the battery is not that convenient. It’s placed underneath the sight, and you’ll have to unmount it to replace the battery. However, the battery life is pretty good on this red dot.


  • Decent accuracy for close distance shooting
  • Lightweight construction doesn’t make the gun heavy
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Long battery life for its auto-brightness setting
  • Doesn’t require any plate to mount on Canik TP9 handguns


  • Replacing the battery is inconvenient
  • Not waterproof

Short Verdict

If you need a basic red dot sight for competitive shooting games and close-range shooting, it’s one of the best options you can consider at this price point.

Things to Consider Before Buying

All red dot sights do one thing in common, they allow you to hit targets precisely. But this precision won’t be the same for both long and short-distance shooting. Also, there are some other factors that will influence your shooting experience. Before you finalize the order, be sure to consider the following things –

Reticle Size

This refers to the size of the red dot itself. As a beginner, you might think that having a larger red dot is better, as the visibility is better. A larger red dot indeed is better, but only when it comes to short-distance shooting. So, for competitive gaming, short-range target practicing, and self-defense, it’s the right option to go for.

However, for long-range shooting, a smaller red dot is better for increasing accuracy. Keep in mind that it’ll be a bit harder for you to see a smaller red dot, especially when it’s bright daylight conditions.

Spec-wise, it’s addressed as MOA – Minute of Angle. 1 MOA dot means, 1 inch at 100 yards. 2 MOA means 2 inch at 200 yards, and so on.

Brightness Levels

Red dot sights come with different brightness levels. Expensive ones come with up to 10 levels, whereas mid-range sights come 3-4 levels, and inexpensive ones come with auto-brightness settings. The visibility of the red dot on a bright sunny day will highly depend on the brightness level of the sight.

That being said, a sight with more settings will be much more comfortable to eyes and will provide better visibility. You can dim the dot during nighttime or indoor practices to a comfortable level.

Adjustments and Controls

More or less, all red dot sights will have windage and elevation adjustments along with the convenience of zeroing the optic. Now, there are two options for doing it. Some sights come with buttons; whereas, some have dials.

Buttons are more convenient and quicker for necessary adjustments. Expensive red dot sights have buttons as controls.

If you have a low budget, you might have to opt for a sight with a dial adjustment option.

Field View

Not all optics for Canik TP9 SC will provide you with a wide field view. You would need a wider field view for short-mid distance target shooting. Otherwise, a standard field view is enough for long-range shooting.

Keep in mind that the wider lens and housing will add more to the weight of the sight. Thus, your handgun will carry more weight. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable for you to shoot with.

Sight Style – Tube or Open?

You’ll see red dot sights of primarily two styles – tube and open. The tube style is pretty much like an optic housing inside an enclosed tube. In contrast, the open style is like a square-shaped window design. It’s not solely for design purposes. Each style has its own benefits and limitations.

Tube-style sights have a limited scope vision for their enclosed design. But, this option is more protected and long-lasting.

Window or open style sights offer a bit larger scope vision, and it’s lighter as well. But, this option is more prone to damage.

So, before you configure your Canik TP9SFX with sight, be sure to consider these benefits and drawbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canik TP9 optic ready?

The optics slide on the Canik TP9 has four interfaces, which can easily fit any aftermarket sights available.

Can you put an optic on Canik TP9SF Elite?

You’ll need to separately purchase an adapter for Canik TP9 Elite pistol to mount an optic on it.

Are Vortex red dots any good?

Vortex red dots are exceptionally good sights you can get for your handgun or rifle. Most of their sights can hold zero even after 1000 rounds. Also, they use premium and durable materials to craft the sights.

What MOA is good for short-distance shooting?

The higher the MOA, the better it’s for quick target acquisition for short-distance shooting. You can start 5, and 8 MOA are good options. However, you can fairly do well using a sight with 3 MOA.

What optics fit the canik TP9 mete SFX?

The Ade Advanced Optics Spike RD3-018 would be the best Canik mete SFX red dot sight you can get at an affordable price point. It got a great accuracy for short-range shooting, decent battery backup, and lightweight construction to enhance your shooting experience.

Final Words

As shooting purposes aren’t the same for all shooters, it’s hard to pick one as the best Canik TP9 Red Dot for all purposes.

For mid to long-range, Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot would be the perfect pick. If you are looking for one for short-range shooting, Vortex Optics Razor Red Dot can be considered. However, the Burris FastFire is the best from a budget perspective.

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