Best Merino Wool Base Layer

There is no better choice than base layers to keep you comfortable and warm in every season and environment because these layers are lightweight and breathable, suitable for hunting, hiking, trekking, and other activities.

Your Merino Wool Base Layer choice is legit as these are extremely comfortable and lightweight to wear with the necessary thermal protection.

As you are looking for the best merino wool hunting clothing, this article could be the ultimate recommendation guide. The following 10 products were picked based on their material, breathability, moisture absorption, stretchability, and washing convenience.

Benefits of Merino Wool Hunting Clothing

Various brands produce hunting clothing of different fabrics like synthetic, wool, and polyester, but the merino wool base layer is something that is enough to keep you warm even in minus temperatures.


While hunting, you need such clothing which is comfortable enough to perform strength-based activities.

Merino wool hunting clothing will ensure your freedom so that you won’t hesitate to wear them for any movements in colder environments, even if you get wet, because they can maintain the same warmth in both wet and dry conditions.


For the highest comfort in chilling weather, there is no better choice than merino wool. Merino wool blend base layer is also used for making hunting clothing. These are made by mixing nylon, synthetic, or lycra with merino wool for increasing certain features like elasticity, stability, and durability. You can wear them for a long period while hunting because they are lightweight and compact.

Moisture Absorbance

Mostly, cheaper hunting clothing locks the body moisture and doesn’t allow good insulation. This might cause skin irritation and rashes in lower temperatures. But with the best merino wool base layer, you won’t have such problems because these are made with breathable material that maintains necessary body moisture.

10 Best Merino Wool Hunting Clothing Reviews

Among hundreds of brands with uncountable varieties, here we have mentioned some of the best merino wool hunting clothing with their pros and cons so that choosing your desired one becomes easier.

MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer

If you are looking for a 100% merino wool base layer as your hunting clothing, then MERIWOOL surely deserves to be on your bucket list. This base layer is made of breathable merino wool so that your skin’s moisture doesn’t get locked inside.

Even if you perform strength-based activities while hunting, your body won’t get overheated because of the permeability of the Meriwool base layer

These are so lightweight that you can easily wear them under your clothes without any itching or uncomfortable feeling. The perfect stretch fit makes it a body-hugging base layer for hunting and other outdoor uses.

You can wear them for all-day-long activities, whether hunting, trekking, hiking, or playing.

Forget the cheap merino wool base layer that gives you a sweaty feeling after performing physical activities in cold weather because MERIWOOL layers ensure you the highest breathability to absorb your body moisture, lock the bad odor to make you feel comfortable, maintain a healthy environment.

Whether winter, summer, or rainy weather, you can feel cozy and warm in all seasons with this wool base layer. It is so versatile that you can wear it alone and by layering with shirts, jackets, or overcoats too.

While hunting and trekking in the rainy season, you will get the same comfort as the base layer will provide you with the necessary warmth even if it gets wet. Besides, it allows frequent washing and dries very quickly.


  • Suitable for use in all seasons
  • Gives you complete body-stretch fit
  • Provides coziness even after getting wet
  • Prevents bad body odor by absorbing moisture
  • Raglan sleeves allow free body movements


  • Poor stitching quality

Short Verdict

If you are one of those who want thinner base layers for hunting that will provide more warmth and comfort, then the MERIWOOL base layer is perfect with all those in a budget-friendly package.

LAPASA Men’s 100% Merino Wool Thermal

Traditional wool-made hunting clothes often create itchiness on the skin if used for a longer period doing outdoor activities. But it is not the same with the LAPASA merino wool thermal because 100% Australian merino wool has been used in these thermals so that you only experience soft base layers against your skin.

Besides, the interlocked construction of the wool ensures the stability and durability of the clothing.

LAPASA provides you with one of the best merino wool base layers for men, which will never feel stinky on the skin. Because they work like a protective layer, wicking away body moisture and bad odor that make you uncomfortable if worn for too long.

So, you can wear them while doing any activity, including hunting, playing, walking, or simply just chilling indoors.

These compact and lightweight base layers are perfect for your camping and hunting days as you can easily pack them into small bags and carry them conveniently. As these thermals work as thin-layered hunting clothing, you can style them with other clothes even if those are several layers and plaids.

LAPASA merino wool thermals have passed the OEKO-TEX standard for not containing any harmful elements. So, these are safe to use in every environment and season without any worries.


  • Body-hugging stretchy material ensures comfort even when doing outdoor activities
  • Prevents bacteria and maintains necessary hygiene
  • Convenient washing with cold water
  • Maintains the optimum temperature of your body
  • Absorbs body moisture preventing the stinky feeling


  • Might stretch out of the regular shape after a few use

Short Verdict

This is undoubtedly one of the best merino wool base layers for men, which offers you a complete package of thermals to enjoy your best hunting experience.

LAPASA Men’s 100% Merino Wool Base Layer Thermal

Another type of base layer by LAPASA has made it to the best merino wool hunting clothing list, and it is worth all your attention because this is a real wool merino base layer that will provide you the highest comfort in low temperatures whether you wear it solely or with other hunting clothing.

LAPASA offers you two different options to choose your desired thermal from, for hunting-based activities. If you are going out in freezing temperatures, the midweight base layer of 250g/m will be the best choice to support you throughout the day.

On warmer days, you can choose the lightweight thermal base layer of 200g/m to maintain your necessary body moisture.

These thermals have a body-hugging stretch fit to give you comfort all day long. The smooth texture of the merino wool feels super soft against your skin, which is quite impossible to experience with cheap hunting clothes.

To ensure high durability, these thermals are made with interlock knit construction so that you can wear them regularly for several days and weeks. Even after wearing these base layers for a while, they will be back in shape because of the elasticity of merino wool. 


  • Suitable to wear in all seasons
  • Available in both lightweight and midweight versions
  • Free from all types of toxic substances that can be harmful to the skin
  • Allows free movement of your body 
  • Made with breathable fabric


  • Super thin material-made that can be see-through

Short Verdict

The LAPASA merino base layer for men is a perfect solution for all your hunting and trekking activities as it is suitable for every season.

Forget all other cheap thermals that give you itching and rashes with their low-quality wool fabric because this one might be your go-to hunting clothing for any weather and environment. 

MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer

If you are planning to go hunting in extreme cold weather and need base layers for staying warm in such an environment, MERIWOOL men’s base layers can be your ultimate choice for enjoying hunting in low temperatures.

These thermals are made with thick natural merino wool, ensuring the highest protection against cold and wind. Though the base layers are thick, they dry very quickly if hung outside. So, you can handwash them while camping or hunting without worrying about drying time.

But you can also use a washing machine with specific temperature settings to wash the base layers.

The MERIWOOL heavyweight thermals are made with stretchable merino wool, which will get back to its original shape after wearing. You can use them for a long time because of their enhanced durability compared to other cheap hunting clothes.

It hugs your body all day long so that you do not feel uncomfortable wearing it for a long time doing outdoor activities.

This 400g merino wool base layer is a perfect choice for you, whether you stay outdoors or just relax inside your house in cold weather. They allow you to do any activity and movement, whether hunting or trekking.

These thermal pants have odor-resistance features to keep you fresh and dry for a long time to prevent bad body odor.


  • Keeps you dry by absorbing moisture
  • Allows frequent washing by hand or machine
  • Provides necessary warmth in extreme cold weather
  • Doesn’t cause irritation and other skin infections
  • Made with soft and thick merino wool


  • Not suitable for warmer seasons

Short Verdict

Forget all other synthetic-made base layers that fail to provide necessary warmth in colder environments because the MERIWOOL thermal will be your favorite as the thickest and warmest solution for this winter.

MERIWOOL Women’s Base Layer

The midweight women’s thermal top by MERIWOOL is made of natural merino wool, which insulates the outer temperature from your body. So, you can wear them in all seasons. It will keep you warm and cozy in lower temperatures, and on the other hand, you will feel cool and fresh in summer.

Often, it is hard to find the right size for crew neck thermals like the MERIWOOL women’s base layer. But you can follow the merino wool thermal layering chart to find yourself the right size that will fit perfectly and hug your body.

So, you can wear them layering with other hunting clothing, including shirts, overcoats, or merino wool hunting bibs.

The MERIWOOL women’s thermal is suitable for handwashing with cold water. You can dry them hanging outdoors or just laying flatly on a surface. The stretchability of these base layers enables them to get back to their previous shape even after a couple of uses.

As knit constructed real merino wool is used in these thermal tops, you won’t notice it shrinking quickly.

By wearing them, you won’t have any sweaty feeling as they absorb all the unwanted moisture from your skin, keeping you dry all day long. As a result, you can perform different kinds of strength-based activities and games without worrying about sweating and having a bad odor.


  • Suitable for both summer and winter
  • Keeps away moisture from your body
  • Can be layered with any other hunting clothing
  • Keeps you fresh and odor-free all day long
  • Thin and lightweight


  • Frequent washing can damage the texture of the base layer

Short Verdict

Not just for hunting, trekking, or skiing, the meriwool women’s thermal can be your constant partner on all occasions, keeping you cozy and warm. So, you can experience a comfortable and ultra-soft feeling wearing them in every environment.

LAPASA Men’s 100% Merino Wool Base Layer Thermal Shirt

Are you tired of your cheap merino wool base layer, and want to try something more comfortable and flexible for outdoor hunting purposes? Then, the LAPASA merino wool thermal shirt might be the one you are looking for.

It will fulfill all your requirements regarding base layers and provide you with all-over protection against cold weather.

Often, thermal wool causes skin infections if it contains harmful elements. But the LAPASA base layers have been tested by experts, and they are certified with the OEKO-TEX rating for not including any injurious substances. So, they are safe, and you can use them without any worries.  

You can choose the thermal according to the weather conditions as it’s available in various options. The lightweight one of 200 g/m is perfect for use in all seasons. In summer, it will keep you cool and dry. So, you won’t feel sweaty even after wearing it for a long day of hunting.

The midweight thermal of 250 g/m maintains the necessary warmth in winter and absorbs moisture while you do any outdoor activities.

Whether you choose the lightweight or the midweight one, they are undoubtedly one of the best base layers to keep you warm and comfortable in all seasons.


  • Ensures necessary insulation from low temperatures
  • Smooth texture of the merino wool makes you feel comfortable
  • Safe against harmful chemicals and other substances
  • Available in both midweight and lightweight versions
  • Breathable fabric keeps your skin dry and free from moisture


  • Doesn’t maintain the given size chart

Short Verdict

Among various types of thermal shirts, you will always find this one in the bestseller’s lists as a breathable, durable, and flexible piece of hunting clothing. Select the right size for you and enjoy every season with the warmth of the LAPASA crew neck base layer.

MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer- Midweight Thermal Shirt

The midweight thermals of meriwool are the lightest thermal you will ever find. Though they are thin base layers, you will feel the necessary warmth in winter better than any other thermals in the market. You will barely feel any itching because of the soft and smooth texture.

In summer, they absorb the unwanted moisture, ensure proper insulation, and maintain the necessary ventilation to keep you cool and dry. As a result, a bad odor can’t get locked on your skin after sweating.

If you search for some merino wool best websites on the internet, you will find over a hundred thermal shirts which are not dryer and machine friendly. But these midweight base layers are suitable for both hand and machine wash so that you can wash them conveniently without any fear of damaging the fabric.

Besides, you can also use tumble dryers in lower heat to dry the thermals easily.

Most of the thermal shirts are way too thick, and it feels difficult to layer them with other clothes. Sometimes, you might feel a bit bulky if you just wear a shirt over it.

MERIWOOL provides you with a perfect solution to this problem as these base layers are thin and made with micron merino wool. So, you can wear them as regular hunting clothes or just use them occasionally as per your preference.


  • Convenient washing with hand or machine
  • Lighter than other midweight thermals
  • Versatile piece to wear with other clothes
  • Doesn’t feel stinky or sweaty after a long day
  • Breathability of the fabric prevents overheating


  • Can be uncomfortable if doesn’t fit properly

Short Verdict

You would like the stretch fit and flexibility of these base layers, which are suitable for all weathers. Bid an ultimate goodbye to itchy and harsh wool-base thermals, and switch to the all-new midweight thermal shirts of MERIWOOL.

7EVEN Men’s Merino Wool ¼ Pullover

Nowadays, merino wool-made pullovers are popular among people of all ages for their design and fitting. Because of their front zip and high collar, you can wear them on any occasion as formal clothing along with going camping, skiing, skateboarding, hunting, and playing outdoor games.

Besides, the extra-long full sleeves with thumb loops are the newest addition, which is convenient for hunting purposes and riding bikes and cycles. There is also a small side zipper with a pocket on the chest to keep small and valuable things. 

This thermal shirt is made with 190 gsm Australian merino wool. It has the highest breathability than most other wool-made base layers. They can keep you cozy and warm even in wet conditions.

The merino wool quarter-zip won’t overheat your body in warmer weather because it ensures necessary ventilation through the fabric. You can go sweatless and odorless even if you wear them all day long.

With solid stitching and enhanced elasticity, the thermals won’t get stretched out of shape easily, even if you use them for a couple of weeks. They dry very quickly after washing and are machine and dryer friendly.


  • Adaptable to every type of weather
  • No sweaty and stinky feeling even after a long-time use
  • Can be used as a regular wear hunting clothing
  • Lighter and thinner than most other pullovers
  • Keeps you warm, preventing cold and wind


  • Might get frayed at the edge after several uses

Short Verdict

The 7EVEN merino wool pullover will be a perfect and budget-friendly addition to your hunting clothing. It will provide comfort, flexibility, coziness, and warmth, which you need from a thermal shirt to wear outdoors and indoors.

MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer Thermal Pants

The MERIWOOL men’s thermal pants are a budget-friendly option to choose from a huge variety of merino hunting clothes. It often feels difficult to wear regular pants over thermal pants because they are too thick and bulky.

Besides, they feel uncomfortable as your legs remain stuck in them, and you can’t move freely.

These merino wool base layers are a perfect solution to this problem. They are thin leggings with high stretchability, flexibility, and elasticity, allowing free movement while doing any activity.

Traditional wool-made thermals often stretch out easily without gaining the previous shape and don’t fit properly.

But the meriwool thermals get back to their shape after stretching and also fit according to your body shape. Even if you wash them frequently, the fabric won’t get damaged easily and will last longer than your expectations.

In low temperatures, the meriwool base layer will be your savior from extreme cold and wind. They keep you warm in winter because of the natural micro wool construction. With perfect insulation properties, they keep your body away from temperature fluctuations.

Whether summer or winter, these are suitable for all-season outdoor adventures and other activities. With these 250g/m lightweight thermals, you will feel fresh and cool in warmer weather.


  • Machine and dryer friendly
  • Merino wool keeps away moisture from the body
  • Provides complete insulation in different weather conditions
  • Keeps you warm in extreme cold weather
  • Resists odor by keeping your body dry and fresh


  • Poor stitching might create holes after wearing several times

Short Verdict

You will hardly find any other thermal leggings so warm and comfortable as these because they are real merino wool base layers with a snug fit and smooth inner layer to ensure you the softest and comfiest feelings. 

ScentLok Bowhunter Elite: 1 Trek Merino Wool Base Layer

Last but not least, we have the most amazing base layer by ScentLok, specializing in hunting and trekking.

While being on such activities, the most common problem anyone faces is extreme sweating and forming bad odor from the body. To prevent this, ScentLok offers you their high-quality merino wool thermal with carbon alloy technology which prevents bad body odor by removing them efficiently.

The hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers create a strong yet breathable construction to help the moisture particles move away in a short time. So, they absorb the unwanted moisture and evaporate the sweat quickly to keep you dry all day.

It maintains hygiene and remains fresh, just like the new one, even after a few uses, as the Fusix and silver alloy technology of this base layer contain antibacterial properties that resist various bacteria producing on your skin. So, you barely experience any irritation, rashes, and other skin infections.

This is a versatile piece for regular wear and occasional uses. High collar and front zipper give you mobility. The stretch fabric of this merino wool-blend base layer has body-hugging features for a perfect stretch-fit.So, nothing can stop your flexible movements all-way motion while hunting or trekking in all weather conditions.


  • Has odor preventive feature to resist body odor before forming
  • Merino wool-blend fabric provides enhanced flexibility
  • Ensures ultra-protection in lower temperatures
  • Gives you the softest and comfiest feeling
  • Stretchability of the merino wool allows free movement


  • The collar might be uncomfortable because of the stitching

Short Verdict

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best wool-blend base layer tops to keep your body at an optimum temperature, whether it is summer or winter. Because of the thermoregulation technology, you won’t feel uncomfortable in any outdoor activities.

Before You Buy What to Look for

It is necessary to choose merino wool base layers according to your needs and preferences because some specific features of these clothes might be useful for certain people.

So, what are the things you need to consider before buying merino wool base layers? Let us have a look through the key points.


Smooth and soft textured base layers are everyone’s first choice in case of choosing among different merino wool clothing because these feel soft on your skin, you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them all day long.

But if you buy any merino wool base layer of uneven and uncomfortable fabric texture, they might cause itching and irritation. Besides, you can’t wear them for hours and do any activity comfortably.


If you think about the most important thing to look for before buying merino wool thermals, that is the comfort provided by that thermal because most of the wool-made clothing has issues with itching and allergies that make them uncomfortable to wear both outdoor and indoors.

Check if the thermal is made of 100% natural merino wool or not because cheap merino wool-made base layers won’t ensure you all-over comfort and coziness for regular and occasional uses.

Washing and Drying

Merino wool is a material that dries quickly after washing, whether by hand or machine. If a base layer is made of 100% real merino wool, it will be convenient to wash and have a quick-drying feature. This will help you wash it outdoors when you’re going hunting, trekking, traveling, or camping.

Before choosing a base layer, know if it is suitable for frequent washing or not. If not, then it might get damaged after a couple of washes, and the fabric might get loose due to a lack of necessary elasticity.

Weather Conditions

Depending on different weather conditions, you have to choose certain merino wool thermals. For freezing temperatures, you can buy heavyweight and midweight thermals, which will give you extra protection against such a colder environment.

In case of using base layers for all seasons, you can go for the lightweight ones, which will keep you warm in the cold and cool in summer. These are suitable for regular use, and you can also layer them with other clothes.

Absorbing Moisture

If a merino wool thermal is not moisture absorbing, it can create an odor, and as a result, you will feel stinky and sweaty after doing any outdoor activity. Choose such an ultra-base merino wool base layer that absorbs body moisture to keep you fresh for a longer time.

They are mostly odor resistant and can keep your skin dry and healthy.


Any base layer providing necessary stretchability fits perfectly according to your body and ensures ultimate comfort whether worn solely or with other clothing.

Though merino wool is stretchable to a certain point, other materials like nylon, polyester, and synthetic are often used to increase elasticity and stretchability.

They are called merino wool-blend base layers, which are more elastic, and can get back to their previous shape even after being used several times.

Types of Activity

You should buy any base layer according to the activity you will be involved in. If you are going hunting, snowboarding, skiing, or playing any sports, you should choose a base layer with high stretchability.

Thermal tops with raglan sleeves are very useful regarding this as they allow free movement of your body. 

But in case you want thermals for indoor wear in winter, or while going on camping and walking, regular merino wool base layers are perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wash merino wool base layers?

Each base layer is instructed to wash differently according to that brand. Some brands allow you to wash them in cold water by hand or machine and dry them in a dryer. But there are a few brands that instruct to avoid dyers.

Can merino wool base layers resist odor?

Most ofthe merino wool base layers have odor-resistant properties. They absorb moisture and resist odor by keeping you dry and fresh.

Why is merino wool better than synthetic or polyester?

Merino wool provides more warmth than synthetic and polyester fabrics. Besides, they are more comfortable on your skin than the other materials so that you don’t experience itchiness or other skin problems.

Are merino wool base layers stretchable?

Natural merino wool-made base layers are suitable for stretching out, and they get back to the previous shape after stretching. If you want more stretchability, you can go for the merino wool-blend base layer.

What is the difference between regular wool and merino wool?

Traditional wool is a thick material with low breathability. But merino wool is comparatively thinner and more breathable. Besides, merino wool is more flexible and comfortable than regular wool.

Final Words

I hope this article will be helpful for you to find the best merino wool hunting clothing according to your preferences. Consider the weather condition where you’ll be going hunting. Don’t go for a cheap alternative, as cheaper ones can cause skin irritation issues and make your hunting experience worst.

We are OutdoorLoops , a group of outdoor enthusiasts who love the thrill of the hunt. We believe in preserving our natural resources and we enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends. We are passionate about the outdoors and the experience of hunting. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and educational hunting experience for our guests.

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