Best ILF Hunting Bow Brand

For customized bows, pro archers also recommend using ILF bows instead of regular recurve and longbows. IlF bows got a more customized look, and the shooting performance is sometimes better than other custom counterparts.

Whether you are looking for the best ILF bows for recreational archery, bowhunting, competitive shooting, and other purposes, it’s a bit overwhelming to choose as there are lots of options available. For beginners, it becomes even more confusing.

Throughout the past 3 days, I’ve looked into the market to find ILF bows that serve archery purposes the most based on verified customer reviews. While making a list, I gave riser and limb material, adjustability, and the overall quality of the bow priority.

7 Best ILF Bows

The list includes bows for both pro and beginner shooters. So, regardless of your budget, you will find the right one from the list below.

Samick 62″ Discovery ILF Hunting Bow

Samick 62" Discovery ILF Hunting Bow

The first one on the list is a 62 inches ILF bow from Samick. Made of premium materials, the bow feels excellent in the hands. You can pretty much use it for versatile shooting purposes, including hunting and target shooting. There are lots of adjustment options for you to customize the bow the way you prefer.

Samick used a fully machined 17 inches riser for this bow. It’s made of T6 aluminum, so the durability is up to the mark for intensive shooting sessions.

The included limbs are made of hard maple wood, and these are laminated for longevity purposes. If you are a beginner with wide arms, these wooden ILF limbs will be helpful to learn shooting skills quickly. You can go with a wide variety of draw weight options from 35-55 lbs.

When it comes to shooting performance, the Discovery ILF is highly accurate and forgiving. Using 8.4-grain arrows, the average fps was around 195, with 50 lbs draw weight. If you are to use hunting arrows, a 10 grain would travel at 183 fps on average with the same draw weight.

Although it makes a bit of noise and stacks up when pulling the string, this doesn’t affect the accuracy whatsoever. If you are a traditional shooter, this bow won’t disappoint you at all.

For upgradability, the bow comes with dual plunger holes – one for the rest and the other for a plunger. You can also mount a stabilizer on the dedicated bushing. For mounting accessories, the bow got holes for sight and quiver.

The package includes a riser, 2 limbs, tools, and string. You might need to buy dampeners as the string feels a bit snappy.


  • Excellent accuracy and shooting speed
  • Up to 185 fps speed for hunting
  • Lots of adjustability options, highly customizable bow
  • Riser is durably made with maple wood
  • Can be used for versatile shooting purposes


  • Makes noise while drawing
  • Cheap arrow mount rest

Short Verdict

Out of the box, this bow provides excellent shooting accuracy. If you are a beginner or a traditional shooter with wider arms, you should definitely check this one out.

Bosen Bows Foam Core ILF Limbs Recurve Bow

Bosen Bows Foam Core ILF Limbs Recurve Bow

If you want to get rid of wooden ILF limbs, and looking for a complete ILF bow set with foam limbs, see if this bow from Bosen meets your shooting requirements or not.

The riser of this bow is 19 inches. It’s made of aluminum alloy, which means the riser is durable enough for putting stress and pressure while shooting arrows.

As an ILF hunting bow, the draw length for this riser ranges between 25 to 30 inches. For weight, you can choose from 35 to 55 lbs. So if your ideal draw length and weight are between the mentioned ranges, shooting using this bow will be a pleasing experience for you.

The bow comes with fiberglass-made limbs with foam cores. Compared to wooden limbs, the foam core ones on this one produce much less noise. Also, these are faster and lighter than their wooden counterparts. While shooting arrows, you will find the limbs throwing arrows much faster.

If you’re a more skilled shooter than average beginners, you’ll be able to shoot more accurately each time. So, apart from hunting, you can use this bow for distance and target shooting as well.

Overall, considering its durable riser and lightweight foam limbs, it’s a pretty good bow for hunting. Both the riser and limbs feel premium and extremely solid in hands.

For your shooting convenience, it got a D-ARC rest that helps shoot arrows straight, which is extremely useful for both hunting and target shooting.

The string got two silence strings to make it even quieter.


  • Pretty accurate and faster shooting experience
  • Ideal for long hours of hunting and target shooting
  • Durably made aluminum riser and fiberglass limbs
  • ARC arrow rest for shooting arrows more straight
  • Wide range of draw length and weight
  • Foam limbs for quiet shooting, feels lightweight


  • Arrow rest has some quality issues

Short Verdict

For its price, it’s hard to beat this bow when compared to other recurve ILF bows available in the market. If you want to shoot or hunt faster, this would be the best bow hunting bow at this price point.

Samick 62-inches ILF Hunting Bow

Samick 62-inches ILF Hunting Bow

This one has a lot of things similar to the first reviewed bow on the list. However, this one comes with foam core limbs, which are designed for more skilled archers – the rest of the other specs and features are pretty much the same. This one also differs from the other one in terms of shooting speed.

As said earlier, the limbs got foam core, which makes this bow set relatively lighter in weight. Similar to other higher-end limbs, these are carbon laminated to ensure longevity. If you are practicing archery for hours, these limbs will be much more comfortable to shoot arrows with.

From a wide range of draw weights starting from 30 and all the way up to 60 lbs. you can pick the right option as per your drawing ability and physical size.

The riser stays the same. It’s a 17 inches aluminum-made fully machined riser to make sure you can upgrade the bow and get the most out of it. You can adjust the string alignment and other necessary adjustments for hunting and target shooting.

It got accessory holes for mounting a sight and quiver. You can also add a stabilizer to this ILF recurve hunting bow. So, for adjustability, this bow is limitless, which makes it the best ILF bow with foam limbs.

With 8.4-grain arrows, you will achieve speed up to 200 fps. When shooting with 10-grain arrows, the speed was recorded at 183 fps max. Keep in mind that these records are with 50 lbs. draw weight.


  • Lots of customization options for upgrading
  • Foam limbs make the bow lightweight, ideal for long hours of shooting
  • Durable aluminum fully machined riser
  • Excellent speed up to 200 fps with great accuracy for advanced shooters
  • Wide draw weight range to choose from


  • Below average quality arrow rest

Short Verdict

For hours of hunting, it’s one of the best bows you can get. It got excellent accuracy and speed, decent quality materials, and lots of upgradability options for various archery purposes.

NIKA Archery 60″ Recurve ILF Bow

NIKA Archery 60" Recurve ILF Bow

For a beginner, the recommended draw weight is 20-25 lbs. to start practicing archery. Considering this fact in mind, NIKA came up with this 60 inches recurved ILF bow primarily designed for beginners. Whether you are a left-hand or right-hand shooter, this ambidextrous design allows you to shoot arrows like a pro.

Its magnesium-made riser is 17 inches in length, which is an ideal ILF bow riser for a beginner. Being an ILF bow, you can upgrade the limbs to more advanced ones when you level up your archery skills. This 17 inches riser will be good enough for an advanced level of archery.

Although it’s made of metal, still the riser feels pretty lightweight in hand. So, for target shooting or distance shooting for hours, you won’t face fatigue or similar issues that much.

Limbs are made of plastic, but these are good-quality ones. It can handle 20 lbs. of draw weight easily. You can even go for a bit higher draw weight than this.

NIKA engineered the limbs in a way that even if you overdraw the bowstring, it won’t get detached.

Shooting arrows is pretty accurate with this recurve bow. However, you might feel a vibration while shooting. So, be sure to use dampeners. Also, you might need to add string silencers as these make a bit more noise. But for the price, these limitations are quite acceptable.


  • Both right and left-hand shooters can use the bow
  • Ideally designed for beginner archers
  • Accurate shooting to a considerable distance
  • Feels lightweight in hand, suitable for hours of target shooting
  • Compatible with high grade and advanced limbs
  • Durable magnesium made riser suitable for advanced upgrades


  • Not suitable for individuals with wider arms
  • Loud and vibrates while shooting arrows

Short Verdict

For practicing initial phrases or archery, it’s a great bow for the price. If you have both right and left hand shooters in the family, this would be an ideal pick for you.

NIKA Archery 60″ Recurve Hunting Bow

NIKA Archery 60" Recurve Hunting Bow

If you want a recurve hunting ILF bow with more draw weight, this one from NIKA should meet your requirements. Apart from beginners, the bow is also suitable for advanced shooters.

The riser in this bow is made of magnesium alloy material. It got enough strength for advanced upgradability. This 17 inches riser is compatible with all ILF limbs, similar to other ILF bows on the list.

Limbs on this bow are made of hard maple and fiberglass materials. Composite lamination makes them even more durable and element resistant. However, as these are made of hardwood, there will be noise while shooting arrows. You can reduce the noise using dampeners and silencers.

The entire length is 60 inches, which is a medium-sized bow. If you are okay with 30 lbs. draw weight, you’re good to go with this ILF recurve hunting bow. You can use it for versatile purposes apart from hunting. As a primary shooter, the bow doesn’t disappoint at all.

Installing this bow wouldn’t be an issue even if you didn’t get your hands on a bow. There are plenty of tutorial videos available on the net.


  • Quite durable bow for advanced shooters
  • Can be used for hunting, target shooting, and other purposes
  • Ideal draw weight for hunting accurately
  • Lots of upgradable options
  • Suitable for shooters with wider arms


  • Bowstring makes noise

Short Verdict

For hunting purposes, this bow would be ideal for both beginners and advanced shooters. If 30 lbs. draw weight is comfortable to you, it’s worthwhile considering.

Hunter LAN Archery Recurve Takedown ILF Bow

Hunter LAN Archery Recurve Takedown ILF Bow

For archery games and target shooting, you would want to have a bow with easy to pull draw weight and not too big in length. This one from Hunter LAN Archery is one of those bows for such archery purposes.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced shooter, you’ll find its 17 inches riser pretty comfortable to shoot with.

As it’s an ILF riser, you can opt for endless customization as per your shooting ability demands. It got an ergonomic grip on the hand rest, which will be useful when you participate in competitive shooting games.

The limbs are made of fiberglass material. When compared to wooden limbs, fiberglass ones make relatively less noise while shooting arrows. You can always change the limbs of whatever brand you like.

To shoot with this bow, you’ll have to be comfortable with 20-25 lbs. of draw weight. If you are a beginner or someone with shorter arms, this draw weight will be easier for you to deal with.

The bow performs pretty well for target shooting. Arrows hit targets accurately and shooting speed fast enough compared to conventional bows.

For its ambidextrous design, whether you’re a right-handed or left-handed person, you’ll find the bow comfortable to use.


  • Comfortable draw weight for beginners and people with short arms
  • Both right and left-handed persons can use it
  • Doesn’t get detached when the string is overdrawn
  • Relatively lightweight for its fiberglass limbs
  • Ergonomic grip on the riser


  • Some screws might come loose

Short Verdict

If this one fits your budget and initial archery practicing requirements, the deal would be worth it. However, keep in mind it’s not that good for hunting.

OEELINE Airbow Takedown Archery Recurve Bow 62″

Takedown Archery Recurve Bow

Last but not the least, a hand-made takedown bow from OEELINE. The bow performs great for versatile shooting purposes and got pretty good materials on it. For its extremely competitive price point, you’ll hardly find similar bows close to this price range.

Although it’s relatively cheaper than the bows on this list, the overall construction is actually impressive. The rise is made of hard maple, ensuring utmost durability. In addition to that, its fiberglass-made limbs make it ideal for intensive hours of shooting for advanced archers.

While shooting with this bow, the hands won’t shake that much. Similar to some expensive bows, this one also got ARC rest to help you with shooting arrows straighter. This feature is really useful for beginners. For its lightweight design, shooting for hours won’t make you feel tired whatsoever.

This 62 inches bow offers a wide draw weight from 22 lbs. To 55 lbs. There are both right and left-handed options available for you to choose from.


  • Made of quality materials, long-lasting bow
  • Lots of customizations with mounting options
  • Shoots arrow fast, helps to shoot straight
  • Feels lightweight, suitable for hours of shooting
  • Doesn’t shake hands that much


  • The string was poorly installed out of the box

Short Verdict

If you got a really tight budget but still want a decent bow for practicing or occasional hunting, this bow won’t let you down.

Before You Buy What to Look for?

The accuracy of your shooting will largely depend on the bow type you purchase. There’s no one bow to suit all archers. So, apart from your shooting purposes, you have to consider your ability before you make the purchase. The following information will help you with this.

Bow Length and Draw Weight

The length has to do with your shooting purposes. If it’s for hunting, a 62 inches bow would bring you the much-needed accuracy. However, if it’s for target or distance shooting and competitive shooting games, you are good to use a 60 inches bow.

Your bow size will be determined by the length of the riser and limbs. 25 inches risers are ideal for target shooting, whereas archers use 17-19 inches risers for hunting purposes.

Draw weight refers to the string-pulling ability. As not everyone has the same arm size and height, draw weight highly differs in individuals. If you’re a beginner and don’t exactly know what your suitable draw weight is, go to an archery shop, and ask them to measure your draw weight.


ILF bows come with risers made of different materials. Wood, hardwood, maple wood, etc., are the most common ones. Traditional bows come with risers made of these materials. Wooden risers are light and more affordable options.

Aluminum risers are the most durable ones. Expensive and higher-end bows have risers made of aluminum with CNC machining. These are the most expensive options as well.

Magnesium risers are lighter but stiffer than aluminum. In terms of price, this option is the cheapest. If you are a beginner and need a budget-friendly ILF longbow, be sure to opt for one that comes with a magnesium riser.


Similar to risers, limbs are made of different materials too.

The most common ones are the fiberglass limbs. These are more resilient and durable. As fiberglass limbs are lighter and inexpensive, these suit beginners the most.

If you are looking for hunting limbs, wooden ones would be the most preferable. The shooting accuracy stays pretty consistent using these limbs.

Foam limbs are another option to consider. Usually, these limbs make arrows travel faster. So, for competitive gaming and target practicing, you can opt for these limbs.

As you will be getting an ILF bow, you can replace the stock limbs with any limbs you like as per your archery skills and abilities.

Top Rated Brands on the Market

If you are new in the archery industry, knowing about the popular brands will help you to narrow down your choices. However, there are other bow manufacturers you can go for, but these brands are the popular choices among both professional and recreational archers.

Samick Sage

Samick Sage ilf bow

Along with other recurve and takedown bows, Samick Sage has a number of ILF bows designed for both beginner and professional shooters. Their bows are mostly made of machined aluminum risers and wooden/foam limbs.

Samick Sage is one of those brands that produce high-quality bows. But, prices are relatively higher than bows of other brands.

NIKA Archery

NIKA Archery

This archery accessory brand has pretty much everything you’ll need for professional hunting with bows. Their ILF bows offer lots of customizations apart from just limbs upgradability. Depending on your shooting ability and skills, you’ll find the most suitable gear and accessories at affordable prices.

Apart from hunting bows, there’re bows for other shooting purposes as well. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, their wide product range won’t disappoint you for sure.

Hunter LAN Archery

Hunter LAN Archery

When it’s about affordable hunting ILF bows without compromising much on shooting performance, Hunter LAN Archery seems to deliver more than its competitors.

Bows are made of quality materials similar to what most popular archery brands use for their bows.

Southwest Archery

ILF bows  for hunting

A Model for Every Member – this motto pretty much tells you what Southwest Archery is mostly about. From a small retail store in Southern California, currently, they have a wide network across the USA. Apart from bow and relevant accessories, they have gear and accessories for hunting, bowfishing, and similar activities.

If you’re particularly looking in the ILF niche, you’ll find quality ILF bows, risers, and limbs.

Bear Archery

ILF bows

When it’s about hand-made bows and arrows, nothing beats Bear Archery for its class. However, they also have a wide number of high-quality products that are not handmade. Their customers are found pretty satisfied with the bows and loyal to this manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ILF bows good for hunting?

For hunting, ILF bows perform pretty well when compared to the prices for regular compound hunting bows. However, for professional hunting, you might not find these bows as fast as compound bows. But for initial hunting practice sessions, these bows are the best inexpensive alternatives.

What does ILF bow mean?

ILF stands for International Limb Fitting. This particular bow type was first invented and produced in the mid-1980.

How long are long ILF limbs?

ILF limbs can be as long as 25 inches in size. You will also find 23 and 24 inches limbs.

What ILF riser size should I choose?

If the bow is for hunting, go for a 17-19 inches riser. For target and distance shooting, a 25 inches riser would be the most suitable one.

Final Words

Once you get your hands on your type of ILF bow, you will be pretty much limitless for customizing the bow as your shooting skill increases. Try out limbs or different brands and materials if you use the bow for versatile purposes.

Hope, this best ILF bows review guide helped you go for the right pick for your shooting type.

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