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Planning a hunting trip with your buddies? If yes, you probably already have your hunting pants to protect you against cuts and scratches from sharp branches. But have you thought about how you are going to keep your pants up hands-free? After all, it can be annoying when you have to continually reach down and pull them up.

Well, this is where the best hunting suspenders come in. You see, hunting suspenders will hold your pants securely, thereby allowing you to focus on hunting and nothing more.

However, while there are so many hunting suspenders out there, it can be hard to find a comfortable pair that fits perfectly and is durably made. That’s why we compiled a list of some of the best-rated products currently available on the market to help you.

5 Best-Rated Hunting Suspenders Comparison Table

While hunting suspenders are designed for the same purpose, they are not built equally. So, let’s see how our top picks compare to each other in terms of features.

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Top 5 Hunting Suspenders Reviewed

The best suspenders for hunting should be durable, adjustable, and comfortable to wear for both short and long trips. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our top picks, which we think meet the above criterion.

MENDENG Camo Suspenders for Men

 If you’re looking for the best all-around pair of hunting suspenders, look no further. These pants suspenders are a favorite for many hunters and for good reasons. For starters, they are 2 inches wide, which means they are not thinly made. So, you are sure to find them comfortable regardless of your body size.

What’s more? The suspenders feature strong and sturdy clips made from Nickel-free materials to ensure your pants stay in place and for maximum durability. Also, the clips are designed to grip onto your pants securely without damaging them thanks to their smooth teeth.

Even better, the suspenders are fitted with slip-resistant clasps. So, you don’t have to worry that they might slip off accidentally or even loosen while on the move.

And when it comes to comfort and durability, this product will not disappoint you. This is because the suspenders are stretchable, and you can easily adjust them for a perfect fit. On top of that, each pair boasts an X-back style with a high-density elastic ribbon for added comfort. And to ensure you can use them for a very long time, the suspenders feature heavy-duty construction with reinforced stitching.

Key Features

  • Includes 4 nickel-free heavy-duty clips that are rust-proof and durable
  • Fully adjustable and slip-proof clasps for superior comfort
  • Clips have built-in smooth teeth to prevent fraying the material of your pants
  • 2” wide heavy-duty and elastic braces for a comfortable wear
  • Available in a range of stylish colors and designs


  • Wide straps make them very comfortable
  • Can fit people of different sizes since they are adjustable
  • Suitable for daily wear
  • Strong and easy to open clips
  • Don’t slip or fall off your shoulders


  • It may not comfortably fit very tall people

Trucker Side Clip Suspenders

Next up, we have these slips-on suspenders from the REFINEMEE brand that boast a unique construction. One of the best things about these suspenders is that you can clip them on the sides of your hunting pants for optimal comfort. As such, you won’t have to deal with the clips rubbing on your stomach, which can be uncomfortable.

And you know what the best part is? Each pair comes with non-slip gripper clasps with plastic double 7 teeth. This helps ensure your pants stay in place for as long as you want them to. And with the plastic teeth in place, you don’t have to worry about the clips tearing your pants.

Further, the suspenders feature 2-inch-wide braces that offer great comfort without digging into your skin. And like most products, this too has an x-back design, and you can easily adjust the strap’s length up to 47-inches for enhanced comfort.

Another thing that we like about this product is its ease of use. For example, when you need to visit the bathroom, wear a shirt or a jacket, you won’t need to remove the suspenders completely. All you’ve got to do is flip the two clips, and your pants will be free to come down.

Key Features

  • Built-in plastic teeth keep the suspenders securely fastened
  • Clips on the side to prevent rubbing effects
  • Durable and slip-resistant clasps
  • Made from stretchable elastic material for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable strap can be adjusted from 33-inches to 47-inches to fit most people


  • Excellent camouflage color
  • Boasts heavy-duty webbing for ultimate durability
  • Offers plenty of length and adjustability
  • Perfect for men and women
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours


  • Plastic teeth lack a more aggressive bite on pants
  • Only available in one color to choose from

Mensbeltee 2” Mens Suspenders

Looking for the best all-purpose hunting suspenders for men? Well, this product features a new camouflage pattern design to match most occasions. So, whether you are a hunter, hiker, fisherman, or outdoorsman, you will love these suspenders.

Furthermore, you will be pleased to learn that this product is one size fits most. This is all thanks to its adjustable elastic strap that you can easily adjust from 34” to 48” using its durable metal buckles. So, depending on your size, these suspenders are sure to provide you with a comfortable fit.

As if that’s not enough, the suspenders are constructed with 4 heavy-duty clips to provide you with maximum hold. Therefore, your pants will stay secure while you are up and about, thereby allowing you to clearly focus on hunting. And the best part is that the clips can hold up a wide array of pants, slacks, and trousers without accidentally slipping off.

In terms of comfort, these best hunting harness suspenders boast an x-back design alongside 2-inch-wide straps. So, unlike thinner suspenders, this product will not dig into your skin even after wearing it for longer hours.

Key Features

  • Adjustable strap with metal buckles to ensure a perfect fit
  • Heavy-duty and slip-resistant clasps to provide a strong and secure hold
  • X-back style for maximum support and comfort
  • One-size fits most, including big and tall men
  • Features a 2-inch-wide strap for enhanced comfort


  • Constructed from tough materials for enhanced durability
  • Can be worn for different occasions
  • Keeps your pants in place without slipping off
  • Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made from elastic fabric for comfort


  • Clips are too thick and may irritate your stomach and back
  • One customer reported that the clips tend to slide off

Hesenhan Camo Suspenders for Men

Here is yet another pair of best top rated suspenders for hunting that you will be sure to love thanks to their versatility. Besides using them for your hunting expeditions, you can also use them for fishing, hiking, working, survival training, and outdoor camping activities.

Similar to other products in this review, their straps also measure 2 inches wide to provide you with more support. Thanks to the thick straps, you can wear these suspenders all day long, and they won’t cut into your shoulders. When it comes to the strap’s length, they are designed to extend to provide you with a comfortable fit. This means that the suspenders are a one-size fit most.

Additionally, you will be pleased to know that these suspenders also feature an X-back design. This means that you get 4 attachment points to help distribute pressure on your shoulders while also ensuring maximum support.

Aside from that, the suspenders are also outfitted with strong clips with aggressive plastic teeth to grip your pants. But just because the teeth are aggressive does not mean they will damage your pant’s fabric. Not at all. You will just find them strong enough to keep your pants up.

Key Features

  • Stretchy and adjustable straps for optimal comfort and perfect fit
  • X-back style offers the best overall support for good posture
  • Built with strong and durable metal clips for secure attachment to the pant
  • Made to high-quality standards and tested for quality
  • 2” wide straps offer additional support and flexibility


  • Excellent craftsmanship for long-lasting durability
  • Can fit big and tall men
  • Does not damage pants even after prolonged use
  • Easy to adjust the strap’s length for an excellent fit
  • Perfect for use in various outdoor activities


  • Clips occasionally tend to unfasten when very active

Holdup Suspender Company’s Outdoorsman Series Hunting Suspenders

These suspenders are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a tough and comfortable pair of hunting suspenders. First, you will love the fact that you can easily extend the straps up to 48” to achieve a comfortable fit. So, if you are 6 feet tall or shorter, they will fit you perfectly.

And for enhanced comfort and flexibility, these suspenders are equipped with 2” wide straps. This means that you don’t have to put up with straps digging into your shoulders in case you have to wear them all day long.

Something else you will truly love about this product is its tough construction. Basically, the suspenders are made of cotton poly-blend elastic webbing that is not only hand-washable but also stretchable. Therefore, they will be sure to serve you for a very long time.

But you know what the best part is? Each pair is fitted with black patented plastic gripper clasps designed to hold your hunting pants tightly. The clasps are also non-slip, so you can be sure that they won’t accidentally slip off when you least expect.

Key Features

  • Non-slip plastic gripper clasps to securely hold up your hunting pants
  • X-back design engraved with Holdup logo for a more stylish look
  • Made from hand-washable elastic cotton poly-blend fabric for superior durability and comfort
  • 2” wide straps with black metal length adjusters for an excellent fit
  • Features a patented design with cool patterns and colors


  • Made in the USA with high-quality and durable materials
  • Easy to wash by hands and drip dry
  • Clips securely to the pants without damaging the waistband fabric
  • Non-slip clasps don’t slide or fly off your pants
  • Quite supportive and comfortable


  • A little pricey compared to other products in this guide
  • Needs to be adjusted a couple of times as they break-in

Buying Guide

Wondering what is the best pair of suspenders for hunting? Well, hunting suspenders vary in terms of what materials they are made from, closure method, length, and design. Therefore, you might find it a bit challenging to find the best pair for your needs. So, here is a guide to help you.

Suspender’s width

When shopping for hunting suspenders, you will discover that they come in different widths to choose from. However, most suspenders for hunting that you will find on the market are normally 2 inches wide.

Basically, if you choose hunting suspenders with a width of fewer than 2 inches, they might not last long. Also, you might find them very uncomfortable to wear all day long.

Attachment method

Another feature that you might want to consider is the closure method the suspenders use. Normally, suspenders can be attached to your pants via a clip, button, or hook.

With button suspenders, your pants need to have holes specially designed for suspenders. As such, you might not find them quite versatile. Clip-on suspenders, on the other hand, provide greater flexibility since they can be used on all types of pants.

Strap design

The design of your suspender’s straps is yet another thing to consider as it will determine their overall fit. Generally, you will find that most hunting suspenders either feature the X-back or the Y-back design.

But overall, the X-back design is the best for hunting suspenders. This is because it can provide you with more support compared to its Y-back counterpart. Also, suspenders with the X-back style are more comfortable and will rarely slip off accidentally.


There are just a few different materials used for making hunting suspenders. However, you will notice that most suspenders are either made from elastic and stretchable fabric or cotton poly-blend material.

Both of these materials are considered very comfortable, durable, and easy to fit. However, elastic fabric suspenders cost relatively less than their cotton poly-blend cousin.

Cotton poly-blend suspenders, on the other hand, can withstand heavy use better than elastic fabric counterparts. So, the best material depends on your needs.


There is nothing as satisfying as finding hunting suspenders that fit perfectly and comfortably. Luckily, most products out there are designed to be one-size-fits-most people.

However, just because a suspender is a one-size-fits-most doesn’t mean that it will fit you. Some products may be too short in terms of length to fit big and tall guys.

So, before buying a pair of hunting suspenders, make sure they can comfortably fit you by checking their length. They should also be fully adjustable.

Durability of the closure clips

Last but not least, you must consider how well made the clips are. Because if the clips are not made from strong materials, then you will not be able to hold up your pants securely. They could even slide or slip off.

With this in mind, the best suspenders should come equipped with strong and non-slip clips. The clips could either be made of metal or hard plastic to ensure long-lasting durability.


Are you a newbie to hunting suspenders and still trying to figure out how they work? We hope these frequently asked questions can help you understand better everything about suspenders for hunting.

Why should I wear hunting suspenders?

It’s the best and most effective way to hold up your hunting pants without slipping. They also allow you to move freely and comfortably while hunting.

Can hunting suspenders help improve my posture?

Yes, they can. Thanks to their wide strap, the suspenders tend to stay firmly on your shoulders, thereby providing you with a little support on your back. As a result, you might find yourself unconsciously sitting or standing up straight which could help alleviate any minor tension on your back.

Can I wear my hunting suspenders for other occasions?

Besides using them for hunting, you can use them for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, and other sports. Some suspenders are even ideal for daily wear.

Are all hunting suspenders unisex?

No. Overall, most hunting suspenders are designed specifically for men. However, you can still find a few unisex options.

How do I adjust the length of my suspenders?

Suspenders are equipped with a buckle or a clamp adjuster that you can use to adjust their length. So, you just lift up the clamp to loosen it, adjust the length to your preferred size and finally clamp the adjuster back down.

How do I clean my hunting suspenders?

You can choose to either hand or machine wash them. However, some manufacturers recommend that you hand-wash your suspenders and let them drip dry.

Are hunting suspenders better than a standard belt?

Yes, but it depends on your needs. However, hunting suspenders tend to hold up your pants better and more comfortably than belts. Besides, they are more stylish.

How tight should hunting suspenders be?

They should sit snugly over your shoulders and not too tight or loose. So, make sure to adjust them until you find the right fit.

Final Thoughts

So, what are the best top rated suspenders for hunting? Truthfully speaking, it all depends on your needs and preferences. This is because you can find hunting suspenders in different colors, designs, and even prices.

However, in our opinion, we think that the MENDENG Camo Suspenders for Men are the overall best-rated hunting suspenders on the market. This is because despite being affordable, they are available in different color options for you to choose from. More so, they are unisex, feature anti-skid clips, and are one-size fits most people.

But if you dislike suspenders with clips that keep on rubbing on your belly, then you can consider the Trucker Side Clip Suspenders. This is because they are designed to clip on the sides of your pants.

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