Best Bivy for Hunting

For people who are into the world of hunting, knowing the importance of stealth is a no-brainer. As hunting involves a lot of hiding in the shadows, having the best bivy sack can take your game to the next level!

When choosing a bivy, there are several factors to consider, such as its space, weight, comfort, and rigidity. If you are confused about which bivy to get, this article has you covered with a list of the best bivy for hunting.

While being the most lightweight option from various types of camping shelters, bivy sacks are perfect for hunters as they can protect users from harsh weather conditions.

5 Best Bivy for Hunting 1500w

Choosing a bivy is not as easy as it seems as you’ll have to consider your requirements first. Although the differences aren’t major across most bivy sacks, you can pick your choice from the camping bivy review below!

Aqua Quest Hideaway Stealth Bivy

Stealth Bivy

Produced by one of the most prominent camping gear manufacturers, Aqua Quest’s Hideaway is a lucrative bivy that ticks all the boxes while not costing a fortune. It is made with 70D ripstop nylon fabric, coated with Laminated PU, and DWR for better weather resistance.

Both exterior moisture and interior condensation can be minimized thanks to the bivy’s special waterproofing system. Moreover, it has heat-taped seams all around. In brief, the bivy can endure all kinds of weather conditions and keep the user warm and dry.

Overall, the bivy is relatively rigid and has robust waterproof flooring, which can adapt to all terrains. The top is held by a collapsible shock cord pole supported by 5 aluminum stakes. On the inside, it is surprisingly roomy, and there is enough headroom, meaning that users should not feel claustrophobic.

The Hideaway has a minimalist design. Its nylon fabric has an olive shade and can easily camouflage in most environments. For the exit, it has a mesh screen and a weather-proof door that can be used interchangeably. The weather-proof door also has a vent on its back to prevent internal condensation.


  • Durable 70D ripstop nylon fabric is suitable for all weather conditions
  • Lightweight and compact bivy can easily fit in a backpack
  • Very simple and quick to set up
  • More spacious than most bivys
  • Nylon tub floor offers excellent comfort


  • Rain flap over the zipper doesn’t work perfectly

Final Verdict

If you were looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use bivy for hunting, the Aqua Quest Hideaway should fulfill your requirements as it is pretty durable and weather-proofed for all seasons.

GEERTOP Ultralight Bivy Tent

Ultralight Bivy Tent

The GEERTOP Ultralight offers impressive functionality and serves as a camping shelter for hunters. Its top fly is made from PU5000MM polyester, making it incredibly light. The bivy’s base is weather-proofed with double stitches and seams all around. All in all, the bivy is ideal for hunting, overnight trips, etc.

At first glance, the bivy gives off a military vibe. The camo-colored top fly allows the bivy to camouflage with its surroundings. On the inside, it has convenient storage pockets for holding small items that you would need when camping, such as phones, power banks, etc.

The Ultralight bivy is weather-proofed all right, but a handful of users have complained about condensation build-up inside during rainy weather. Apart from the humidity inside, it does protect the user from getting wet directly. However, it does have sufficient airflow, which makes it suitable for dry weather conditions.

Thanks to a mesh at the top and two other ventilation windows, it has excellent ventilation. Unlike most bivys, the Ultralight comprises an aluminum cross pole design, making the overall structure much sturdier. It is also much simpler to set up and dismantle. After being dismantled, it can easily fit inside a backpack.


  • Cross aluminum pole structure makes it very rigid
  • Weather-proofed with taped seals and double-stitches all around
  • Excellent airflow with a mesh on top and two ventilation windows
  • Storage pockets for storing phone, keys, wallet, etc.
  • Very lightweight and portable when dismantled


  • Condensation forms in rainy weather and the inside of the bivyg sacks become humid
  • Aluminum poles/stakes are fragile

Final Verdict

The GEERTOP Ultralight is an excellent choice if you need a bivy that can be set up easily and is portable enough to fit in your backpack. For hunters, the storage pockets may come in handy! However, it is not the best bivy for rainy environments.

Aqua Quest Pharaoh Bivy Bag

Pharaoh Bivy Bag

As the name suggests, the Pharaoh is more of a bivy bag than a full-fledged bivy tent. But for what it is, it does its job perfectly! The best part of this bivy is its extremely lightweight and compact form factor.

There is literally nothing to set up or dismantle, and it can be compressed to fit easily in even small backpacks, which makes it ideal for hunters.

The Pharaoh is made from 70D ripstop nylon fabric, which is dual-coated with PU and DWR. To top it off, it has heat-taped seams all around to prevent leakage. It can easily tackle all seasons and keep the user warm and dry.

This bivy is as minimal as it gets. It does not have any cord or pole, which allows it to be folded very easily. On the other hand, it also does not require setting up. You would just have to stuff your sleeping bag inside it and place the bivy on a suitable surface; suitable surface because it is not ideal for all terrains.

Although the nylon material can hold up great against harsh weather, it can get punctured with slightly sharp objects, such as twigs and rocks. Moreover, as the floor bed is not too thick, placing it on an irregular surface will lead to discomfort when the user is inside the bivy.


  • Durable nylon coated with PU and DWR can endure all weather conditions
  • Weather-proofed with heated-seal tapes
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to fold
  • Simple to use as it does not require to be set up
  • It is pretty spacious, which makes it comfortable to use


  • It has to be used with care as nylon base is prone to punctures
  • Lack of ventilation leads to condensation build-up

Final Verdict

If you have a tight budget or need to shave off as many ounces as you can from your hunting gear, the Aqua Quest Pharaoh should be the perfect choice for you! However, it cannot be used as a thermal bivy.

Aqua Quest West Coast Bivy

Aqua Quest West Coast Bivy

The West Coast bivy is a thoughtfully engineered product from Aqua Quest. This bivy was designed with only one thing in mind; spacious! Although the bivy is intended for one person, it can easily accommodate two. It also has 2 storage pockets inside and loops on the outside to hang light items or hold the rolled mesh door.

The bivy offers impressive breathability, made with 70D ripstop nylon for the ceiling and ‘no-see-um’ mesh on three sides. It has excellent ventilation, making it an ideal choice for hunting in dry and hot weather conditions. However, it lacks waterproofing, and an additional tarp has to be set up if rain is expected.

Unlike conventional bivy and tent shelters, the West Coast has a visually appealing design. It has nice color accents that look great, and nearly every single corner of the bivy screams high-quality! Its double-coated nylon with heat-taped seams makes its floor waterproof.

The bivy comprises a single aluminum pole and 6 stakes and is very easy to set up. While it is not the lightest bivy available, it offers sufficient portability and can be carried in a backpack.


  • Extremely comfortable inside during dry weather conditions
  • Durable 70D ripstop nylon ceiling and floor bed
  • Very simple to set up and dismantle
  • Lightweight and portable can easily fit in a backpack
  • It comes with batwing stiffeners to elevate foot section
  • 2 internal pockets and external loops for holding items


  • It is not waterproof; a separate tarp is needed for rainy weather

Final Verdict

One of the biggest bivys in the market, the Aqua Quest West Coast, is very spacious and has excellent air ventilation. However, it is not waterproofed, and an additional tarp should be carried for rainy conditions.

Winterial Single Personal Bivy Tent

Personal Bivy Tent

Finally, we have the Winterial Personal bivy. It is reasonably priced and is very lightweight, making it ideal for hikers, hunters, etc. While it does serve its purpose just right, setting it up becomes troublesome if you’re on rocky or soft mud terrains. There are also some flaws in its design, which we’ll address in a bit.

The bivy is made from 190T polyester, and without the rain-fly in use, it offers great ventilation inside. However, it will get extremely hot inside if the sun is up. You could use the rain-fly to get shade from the sun, but the airflow will be restricted.

In rainy weather, the bivy protects you from getting drenched, but the lack of windows and ventilation when the rain-fly is fixed will lead to a lot of condensation build-up inside.

It makes use of 2 aluminum poles and several stakes to be set up, which is a rather complicated process. The bivy cannot be used in rocky or muddy terrains as the stakes provide tension for holding up the ceiling.

Furthermore, the floor base is made from very thin fabric. It can easily get punctured by blunt objects such as rocks and twigs. On the other hand, it has a major flaw; water falls inside when the user gets in or out of the bivy during rainy weather.


  • Offers excellent air ventilation without the rain-fly
  • Simple procedure for setting up the bivy
  • Convenient internal storage pocket
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It comes with large zippers that enable easy access
  • Can endure all weather conditions with the rain-fly securely attached


  • Troublesome to set up on rocky or muddy terrains
  • Not very spacious inside; users often feel the bivy on their feet

Final Verdict

The Winterial Personal bivy offers great value for money and serves its purpose just right. However, its dependency on the rain-fly could be a deal-breaker to hunters.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before deciding to get a bivy sack, you should first analyze your requirements, budget, and the purpose of using it as a camping shelter. The biggest advantage of having a bivy sack is its lightweight and compact nature, which allows it to be easily carried in backpacks.

Although it is easy to choose a bivy sack, not knowing where to look could lead you to miss out on them. Things that you should keep in mind when choosing a bivy sack are –


On average, bivy sacks are 6-7 feet long and 34-38 inches wide. If you’re claustrophobic, getting a spacious bivy sack will enhance your entire experience.

If you tend to feel claustrophobic in congested areas, you should steer away from small bivy sacks. You should invest in bivy sacks that come with ringed cords, which significantly increase the room inside.

On the other hand, the lack of space inside means keeping your gear outside. You would also require a separate tarp for most bivy sacks to protect your stuff from rain.

The lack of space also leads to condensation build-up, but this should not be much of an issue if the bivy has sufficient vents for airflow.


The weight of bivy sacks starts from as little as 1 lbs. If you must absolutely shave off every ounce possible, look for bivy sacks that weigh less than 3 lbs.


Without sufficient headroom, you won’t be able to sit inside your bivy. This can also lead to trouble if you wish to read books or when you have to change your clothes inside.

Bug Nets

Some bivy sacks have mesh nets all around and offer excellent ventilation. But the purpose of mesh nets is not just to increase breathability but also to protect the user from insects and mosquitoes.

Floor Bed

While the floor bed is significant to the weight of a bivy, a strong floor bed will be much more durable than thin layers of polyester or nylon. If you will be using your bivy a lot, it is recommended to get a bivy with thick flooring.


Not all bivy sacks are produced with the same intent. Some are made for dry weather, while others endure harsh weather. For insulation, good bivy sacks have heat-taped seams and double-stitches all around, which can lower the internal temperature by about 10 degrees.

Additional Features

Some bivy sacks come with extra stuff bags to store your items. They can also have internal pockets that may come in handy for storing small items such as mobile phones, power banks, keys, wallets, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a groundsheet with a bivy?

If the floor bed of the bivy is waterproof, you won’t require a groundsheet. However, if the floor bed’s exterior is made from a thin material, using a groundsheet can prevent unwanted mishaps such as a puncture.

Do you need a tarp under a bivy?

While it is not required for waterproof bivy sacks, having a tarp will offer you more privacy and protection from harsh weather conditions.

How do I get rid of condensation in my bivy?

In order to dry the condensation build-up inside, you would have to unzip your bivy all the way down and open other channels for ventilation such as windows, vents, etc. When drying, hang it somewhere for the best results.

Do bivy bags keep you warm?

Yes, bivy sacks can keep you warm when inside. Good bivy sacks come with weather-proofed treatment all around, which allows the inside to be approximately 10 degrees warmer than the external temperature.

Can you suffocate in a bivy sack?

No, even the cheapest bivy sacks should offer enough breathability. However, the lack of ventilation inside a bivy sack leads to condensation build-up, and it could lead to discomfort.

Final Words

With all of that being said, you should now have a clear idea of what makes a bivy sack lucrative and what doesn’t. Before choosing one, however, be sure to assess your requirements properly. We hope to have helped you with our take on the best bivy for hunting.

Best of luck!

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