Best Bear Compound Bow

Bear Archery has established itself over the years as one of the most renowned manufacturers of bows and other archery equipment. They have a large collection of bows, so you’ll definitely find something that suits your hunting style and requirements regardless of your shooting skills.

If you’re in the market for the best Bear bow, you may have come across various models from Bear Archery. Their line-up consists of bows for beginners, seasoned shooters, enthusiasts, and just about anybody! But which compound bow should you get?

We’ve narrowed everything down for you to get started! After going through hundreds of reviews and considering core factors such as shooting speed, draw weight, draw length, weight, let-off, etc., we were able to put 6 bows on this list.

Continue reading to find out our top picks of the top Bear compound bow models from Bear Archery so you can make an informed decision.

Comparison Chart

If you can’t manage enough time to read the entire article, the following table should give you a brief idea about these bows.

No.Compound Bow NameMaximum Speed (Feet/s)Draw Length Range (inch)Draw Weight Range (lbs.)Weight (lbs.)
1Bear Archery Cruzer G2315  12” to 30”5-703.0
2Bear Archery Pledge30021” to 31”40-704.25
3Bear Archery Salute30020” to 30”50-704.0
4Bear Archery Approach33023.5” to 30.5”55-704.0
5Bear Archery Escape35025.5” to 30”45-704.0
6Bear Archery Species32023.5” to 30.5”45-60, 55-704.3

6 Best Bear Compound Bows

The correct bow for a given hunter should function as an extension of their body. They should be able to operate the bow smoothly and hold it with a precise fit for improved efficiency in shots. With that being said, here’s our take on 6 Bear Archery models.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is a flagship-grade compound bow from the manufacturer. It is suitable for shooters of all ages and can also be used by beginners. Thanks to its high-quality and durable construction, the Cruzer G2 can endure abuse and proves to be a versatile choice.

Its draw length range can be adjusted from 12-inches to up to 30-inches, which allows you to ensure a snuggled and precise fit when you’re hunting. Moreover, it has an ergonomic handle which offers great grip for better accuracy. The Cruzer G2 also has an impressive draw weight of 5-70 lbs.

However, the Cruzer G2 becomes fragile when maxing out the draw weight. The limbs and peep sight tend to come off the frame, leading to the bow falling apart. On the other hand, its lightweight nature means that you’ll be sacrificing stability for versatility and mobility.

Moreover, a handful of users have complained about the Cruzer G2 being rather loud. Its cable slide starts to squeak with usage, which could spook away targets. But if you were looking for a lightweight bow that doesn’t sacrifice too many features, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 should serve your purpose well.


  • Offers versatility with adjustable draw length range and draw weight
  • Allows you to shoot arrows with a speed of up to 315 feet per second
  • Ergonomic handle grip design enables tight grip for improved accuracy
  • It can be adjusted and used by people of all ages and skills
  • All adjustments can be made with an Allen wrench
  • Durable, lightweight, and high-quality construction enables a smooth draw cycle


  • Peep sight and limbs tend to pop out with draw weights above 65 lbs.
  • Needs tweaking before it can be used for hunting


The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is one of the best compound bows money can buy and is ideal for people of all ages and skills. However, a little caution is required when using draw weights above 60 lbs to prevent the bow from falling apart.

Bear Archery Pledge

If you’re for a compound bow that can be used out of the box without a lot of tweaking, you could look into the Bear Archery Pledge. It is a full-fledged flagship bow from Bear Archery that ticks all the right boxes, which makes it a compelling choice in its segment.

You also get additional accessories with the compound bow, including a 3-pin sight, arrow rest, and peep sight. As you may have guessed by now, the Bear Archery Pledge offers excellent shooting performance. Although the accuracy has a lot to do with the shooter, the bow offers great stability for its weight.

It has an adjustable draw length range from 21 to 31-inches and draws weight from 40 to 70 lbs to make it a versatile unit. You can shoot arrows as fast as 300 feet per second, paired with a 70% let-off for fine-tuning your shots. Although the Pledge has the functionality of a flawless compound bow, it falls short in a few areas.

The grip is not very ergonomic and offers subpar comfort. Moreover, the arrow rest gets loud, which could scare away a target. But the biggest issue of the Bear Archery Pledge shows up in dark environments; the peep sights are not up to the mark and have issues with the performance in low-light conditions.


  • Adjustable draw length range and draw weight makes it versatile
  • High-quality components enable smooth draw
  • Can shoot arrows with a speed of 300 feet per second with 70% let-off
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction doesn’t sacrifice a lot of stability
  • The bow can be used out of the box with included accessories


  • Cheap strings lead to loud squeaks when drawing
  • Uncomfortable and small handle grip


The Bear Archery Pledge is a flagship-grade compound bow that comes with all the essential features and can be used out of the box. A little fiddling with the bow allows you to unlock its full potential.

Bear Archery Salute

One of the highest spec-ed compound bows in the market, the Bear Archery Salute is a very well-built bow that screams premium! The design of its frame has a tactical appeal with its camo color, and combining it with the overall finishing; the Salute has a rugged and lightweight construction, suitable for all scenarios.

Its draw length range is limited to 20-inches to 30-inches. While other similarly priced compound bows offer a substantially larger draw length range, this should not be a deal-breaker as most adults can use it without trouble. Its draw weight can be adjusted from 50 lbs. to 70 lbs.

The best feature of the Salute is its dual-cam system, which enables an incredibly smooth draw cycle while also improving efficiency and speed. Arrows can be shot at up to 300 feet per second, which is sufficient for most shooting scenarios. Moreover, it has up to 70% let-off, which allows you to take varying shots depending on the environment.

Combining this with its 7.25-inches brace height, the compound bow offers impressive stability for precise shooting.

However, as its minimum draw weight is 50 lbs., it would take an experienced shooter with developed archery skills to use this bow to the fullest. A handful of users have also reported rust and corrosion at certain areas of the bow. But since the Salute can serve its purpose just fine, it could be the best Bear bow for you!


  • Visually appealing design with high-quality finish all around
  • Dual-cam enables super-smooth draw cycles
  • Can shoot arrows at 300+ feet per second with 70% let-off
  • Simple to operate with adjustable string stops, draw length, etc.
  • Offers great stability for precise shooting
  • Sufficient draw length range of 20-30 inches


  • Has a learning curve due to limited draw weight of 50 lbs. to 70 lbs.
  • Bolts, limbs, and other small components are prone to rust


If you are a pro-level hunter and need the absolute best compound bow without sacrificing mobility, the Bear Archery Salute should have you covered with its impressive shooting performance.

Bear Archery Approach

The Bear Archery Approach is one of the best values for money compound bows you can get. It has almost all the features that a shooter may desire, which makes it a great bow for beginners and even seasoned shooters. Like most Bear Archery compound bows, this approach has an attractive design with a great finish.

Its draw length range is 23.5 to 30.5 inches, making it ideal for beginners as they can adjust the cams for a better fit. The draw weight is also adjustable from 55 to 70 lbs. Axle-to-axle, the approach measures 32 inches in length, which offers an impressive balance of compactness and stability.

Although the technology incorporated in the bow is outdated, it still performs very well! You can enjoy buttery smooth draw cycles from its single-cam and shoot arrows at an incredible 330 feet per second speed.  

Such speeds can mostly only be reached by flagship bows that cost hundreds of bucks more. Moreover, the front mounting stabilizer bushing reduces vibration when an arrow is released.

Overall, the Bear Archery Approach is a great choice for shooters who are just starting out or have a tight budget. It is solidly built, lightweight, and allows you to take precise shots.

However, the lack of modern components on the bow could be a deal-breaker for professionals or individuals interested in 3D shooting, competitive archery, etc.


  • Performs very well as a single-cam bow with smooth draw cycles
  • Offers impressive stability when shooting arrows
  • Lightweight and compact form factor ideal for extended hours of shooting
  • Arrows can reach up to 330 feet per second
  • 32-inches axle-to-axle length is the sweet spot between compactness and stability


  • Outdated mechanical components


The Bear Archery Approach offers nearly everything that shooters may desire from a single-cam compound bow. Although some of its components are outdated, it still offers great bang for bucks. However, professionals and experts may be drawn to other compound bows.

Bear Archery Escape

If you’re looking to get your hands on a full-fledged flagship bow, the Bear Archery Escape is worth a look. It boasts some serious performance and is well suited even for professionals and experts. Moreover, it is built with high-quality components all around and should survive hard conditions just fine.

The aluminum riser of the bow has a bunch of string stoppers that significantly quieten the noise produced when shooting an arrow. Furthermore, the Escape has a ‘Hinge Guard’ that functions to minimize the lateral torque on the bow, enabling improved accuracy of shots.

But the best feature of the Bear Archery Escape is its shooting speed; you can shoot arrows with astonishing speeds of up to 350 feet per second! And as you may have guessed, the bow also performs exceptionally well in the shooting. It offers great accuracy and precision to experienced shooters.

The draw length range can be adjusted from 25.5 to 30 inches. You can also adjust the draw weight from 45 to 70 lbs, so users can tune it according to their preferences. The Escape has earned its reputation as a quiet shooter, which makes it ideal for all hunting environments.

However, the short brace height could be a deal-breaker for professionals and experts.


  • One of the fastest bows in the market
  • High-quality components and durable construction
  • Lightweight and compact axle-to-axle height of 32-inches
  • Phenomenal experience of shooting arrows  
  • Visually appealing design
  • Dual-cam system offers buttery smooth draw cycles


  • Valley is narrow as it is a speed bow


A top-of-the-line compound from Bear Archery, the Escape doesn’t just have an incredible top-end speed but also the accuracy that is expected from a flagship bow. Experienced shooters should enjoy using this bow without any hiccups.

Bear Archery Species

A mid-range compound bow from Bear Archery’s line-up, the Species is a great choice if you’re looking for durability over versatility. Moreover, it is also ideal for experts and professionals as it is capable of shooting arrows at 320 feet per second! Thanks to its single-cam system, draw cycles are smooth and effortless on the bow.

It comes with an ergonomic handle design that offers great grip, similar to flagship models from Bear Archery. The Species comes with two limb options; the lighter version’s draw weight can be adjusted from 45 lbs. to 60 lbs. and the heavier limb can be adjusted from 55 lbs. to 70 lbs. But that’s not it!

The limbs use Bear Archery’s ‘EnduraFiber,’ which helps distribute the load of the bow evenly throughout the limb. While improving longevity, it also helps in reducing flex when taking shots. Although the single cam’s draw length has just 7-inches of adjustment range, it performs great in a shooting.

Thanks to its 80% let-off, the Species is literally effortless in holding a target. Moreover, the bow is relatively quiet and doesn’t jerk significantly when an arrow is shot. In terms of accuracy, the axle-to-axle length of 31-inches may be felt short by shooters at the top-end of the draw length range.


  • Entry-level single-cam bow ideal for all ages and skills
  • Effortless operation with a higher let-off of 80%
  • Offers impressive stability when shooting arrows
  • Highly durable and lightweight construction
  • Simple to adjust its draw length range and draw weight


  • Subpar performance without installing the included accessories


The Bear Archery Species is a great choice for children and adult archers wishing to indulge in the world of archery. Its price-to-performance ratio is nearly unbeatable, thanks to its exceptional shooting performance.

What to Look for Before You Buying

If you want to buy a compound bow but aren’t sure where to start, you’ll find it useful to know some aspects and terminologies for bows. As a general rule, it is considered crucial for an archer to use a bow that fits them for best results. Shoot with several bows to find which one best suits your requirements and skills.

Although you could buy a bow by yourself, it is recommended for newcomers to visit a professional who can suggest the best compound bow for you. There are lots of technical terms used in the world of archery, and you’ll have trouble if you aren’t familiar with the key terms.

Some of the commonly used terms are as follows; these are also the same factors you should look for before finalizing the purchase –

Brace Height

The brace height of a bow is the total length between its grip and bowstring. Brace height is significant to how long the arrow is held on the bowstring while it is being launched.

Cable Guard

A cable guard comprises small rollers or a rod that is perpendicular to the riser that works by keeping the bow’s cables away from the arrow’s line of fire.

Cable Slide

The slides are plastic holders that slide along the cable rod and hold the cables out of the arrow’s path.

Draw Weight

The draw weight of a bow determines the amount of force that is required to pull a bow. As a general rule, the smoothness of a draw cycle reduces with an increase in draw weight.

Draw Length

A bow’s draw length is the measurement of how far the bow can be pulled back. It is measured from the end of a bow’s grip to the apex of the bowstring. Most compound bows have adjustable draw lengths, so you can adjust them for a better fit.


Compound bows use an advanced system consisting of cams and cables to reduce a bow’s held weight at its full draw. The reduction of weight is called the ‘let-off’ of a bow. It is useful for shooters as they can hold a bow at full draw for longer periods in relation to other bows.

Bow Length

You should assess the right bow length for you. In general, shorter bows offer more maneuverability than longer bows, which usually offer more accuracy in shots.

Shooting Noise

The noise generated when an arrow is shot from a compound bow should also be taken into consideration. Having a quiet bow enhances stealth and helps your hunting game immensely. On the other hand, you should also see which bow has the most comfortable grip for you.


One of the most critical parts of a bow, the grip, determines how well you’ll be connected with your bow. Other factors to be considered include the bow’s weight balance, its string angle, and if the draw cycle is smooth enough for you.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

A handful of established bow manufacturers in the market are renowned for producing some of the best compound bows in the world. Some of the most popular brands are –

Hoyt Archery

One of the oldest archery and bowhunting equipment manufacturers, Hoyt Archery has earned its reputation over the years with high-quality bows for various types of archery, including competition shooting, hunting, and 3D shooting.

Diamond Archery

The Diamond Archery has a model for every shooter or hunter, irrespective of their age, skills, and experience. Their wide range of models have durable construction and don’t require a lot of fiddling for the best results in hunting.

Mathews Archery

If you are looking for the absolute best bows that money can buy, it is definitely worth looking at the impressive line-up of Mathews Archery. Their flagship compound bows come with cutting-edge technology incorporated in them, ensuring a phenomenal experience every time you shoot an arrow.

Some other popular brands include –

  • Bowtech Archery
  • Elite Archery
  • Bear Archery
  • Prime Archery
  • Quest Bowhunting

It is difficult to differentiate between these brands as most of them have a wide collection of compound bows that range from entry-level to flagship-grade models. But you can consider them based on your requirements to see which brand offers the most value to you.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Bear Archery compound bows any good?

Bear Archery has a wide line-up of compound bows that has products ranging from budget models to full-fledged flagship bows. Most Bear Archery bows are known to perform well and offer great value for money.

Is a compound bow better for hunting?

Generally, hunters prefer compound bows over other bows for hunting. This is because of the various benefits offered from a compound bow, such as easier and smoother draw cycles, easier to operate and aim, and are often much more powerful than recurve bows.

Is 70 lbs. draw weight too much?

It usually varies on shooters as there are archers capable of shooting with draw weights above 80 lbs. while some perform well between 60 lbs. to 70 lbs. Modern compound bows have relatively newer technology incorporated in them, and they perform great even with draw weights lower than 40 lbs.

When was the first compound bow developed?

The original idea behind a compound bow formed way back in the early 20th century and was known as a ‘composite bow.’ A compound bow was first made in Missouri by Holles Wilbur Allen in 1966. He received the US patent for his design in 1969.

Final Words

Whether you’re new to the world of archery or just require an upgrade from your old compound bow, having the right compound bow can improve your shooting game significantly. With all of that being said, we hope to have helped you in choosing the best Bear bow with our take on the Bear compound bow models.

Best of luck!

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