Best Alpaca Socks for Hunting

Waiting for your prey to come in sight while wearing normal socks in the winter can make your feet ice cold. Though wool socks are there to keep your feet warm, they might cause irritation or itching. The best solution is to use alpaca socks as they provide the ultimate warmth and comfort.

Be with us to see the reviews of the best alpaca socks for hunting and choose the right one for you. Get away from cold or sweaty feet next time you go hunting and enjoy a cozy environment down there. And don’t forget, there’s a buying guide too! Let’s get started.

Comparison Table

Product NameMaterialSuitable forWeightPrice
Warrior Unisex Alpaca SocksAlpaca wool, Acrylic, Nylon, and LycraMen and Women3.2 ounces
WILLIAMSTON Alpaca SocksAlpaca Wool, Nylon, and LycraMen3.84 ounces
American Mammoth Alpaca Wool SocksAlpaca Wool, Nylon, Acrylic, ElasticMen and Women7.05 ounces
Pure Athlete Alpaca Ski SocksAlpaca Wool, Nylon, SpandexMen and Women2.72 ounces
BRUBAKER Thick Alpaca Winter SocksAlpaca Wool, PolyamideMen and Women13.44 ounces

Best Alpaca Socks for Hunting Reviews

Keep your feet comfortable during your hunting endeavors with these premium alpaca socks. Here are the detailed reviews.

Warrior Unisex Alpaca Socks

Going out for an enchanting hunt is always full of adrenaline rushes. But during the winter, it becomes a challenge to keep your feet warm. Alpaca socks with toast toes from Warrior will keep you comfortable throughout the hunting regardless of the weather.

These socks contain 47% natural alpaca wool along with synthetic fibers. So, they will retain the temperature effectively. But the socks never get too hot to make your feet feel uncomfortable.

The wicking capability of these socks is excellent. Your feet will keep from sweating due to their high wicking feature. And the plushness in these socks is worth every penny.

You will never get blisters wearing these socks. They are extremely soft and comfortable even with tight hunting boots. Due to the arch support of these socks, everything from your ankle to toe will be aligned perfectly for the best posture.

And they never feel too tight on your feet. When your feet are inside a pair of socks, itching can be a serious problem. The high-quality material of these socks eliminates the chances of itching amid hunting. Those thermal wrappers around the cuff are really useful to insulate the heat.

Give the best alpaca wool socks for hunting a try to feel the difference. Its breathable fabric will keep moisture and odor far from you.

Key Features:

  • Material: Alpaca wool, Acrylic, Nylon, and Lycra
  • Size: Small to Extra Large
  • Suitable for: Men and Women
  • Color: Grey Heather
  • Arch Support: Yes


  • Natural alpaca wool with synthetic fibers
  • Excellent breathability with moisture wicking
  • Very soft and comfortable to wear
  • Top-notch insulation to keep your feet warm
  • Arch support with reinforced toe and cuff


  • Pilling on the inside can occur


Well, these socks come in a pretty basic design. They have a high percentage of alpaca wool which is much softer than sheep’s wool. The manufacturer claims the fabric to only be softer once you wash them.

Along with 78% alpaca, these socks contain 20% Nylon and 2% Lycra. The stretch of these socks wasn’t as expected, but the warmth was something to go for. We loved the plushness of the socks that can be felt even with tight boots.

After trying the socks in extreme weather conditions, we felt their insulation was excellent. The socks will keep your feet warm by regulating your body temperature even under harsh weather.

But we didn’t feel sweaty for a bit. The moisture-wicking capability of these socks is amazing, with high breathability. Even when the temperature rises a bit, you won’t feel damp socks inside your boot. That’s a great experience when you are busy hunting without any interruption from your feet.

Alpaca socks are hypo-allergenic, so there will be no growth of microorganisms to create odor. You can enjoy the perfect hunting experience without worrying about dirty socks to laundry.

These socks have great arch support with reinforcement in the heel and toe area. Cleaning them in warm water might cause shrinkage, so you better be careful of that.

Key Features:

  • Material: Alpaca Wool, Nylon, and Lycra
  • Size: Universal
  • Suitable for: Men
  • Color: Black
  • Arch Support: Yes


  • Greater percentage of alpaca wool for added comfort
  • Highly breathable and wicks moisture away
  • Regulates body temperature to keep your feet warm
  • Very durable even after frequent washes
  • Hypoallergenic and odor-resistant


  • High alpaca percentage makes them a bit heavy
  • Stretchiness can increase after washing

American Mammoth Alpaca Wool Socks

Who doesn’t love to go for a bit of variation in their socks? Well, you have these amazing socks from American Mammoth in three cool colors to add a bit of variety to your closet. When you wear them while hunting, they are downright intriguing.

The brand uses high-quality Peruvian alpaca wool, which has a 46% stake in the combination. Other than that, there are nylon, acrylic, and elastic in these socks. As the fiber of this wool is more hollow than sheep wool, it will retain the heat much better while being breathable.

It wicks out moisture efficiently to keep your feet warm and dry even under harsh weather conditions. The socks are very lightweight, so you won’t feel anything heavy on your feet while running after your prey.

Though the fibers are strong enough to be durable, the socks will be very comfortable for both men and women. The toe and heel area is highlighted with a different shade which obviously lifts the look of the socks.

Another important thing to mention, these socks are hydrophobic. That means your feet won’t get wet even if you are traversing through a swamp. And the socks also keep odor away to give you a pleasant experience every time.

Key Features:

  • Material: Alpaca Wool, Nylon, Acrylic, Elastic
  • Size: Small to Extra Large
  • Suitable for: Men and Women
  • Color: Brown, Denim, Gray
  • Arch Support: No


  • Very strong yet soft fiber for extra comfort
  • Highly breathable to wick moisture out
  • Naturally hypoallergenic to prevent odor
  • Repels water to keep your feet dry
  • Vibrant look and slim-fit design


  • Doesn’t have arch support
  • The fiber might shrink after repeated washes

4. Pure Athlete Alpaca Ski Socks

Want to go skiing but keep your feet nice and warm at the same time? Pure Athlete alpaca ski socks are there to cover you up in the ultimate warmth and comfort. These socks have got a combination of 60% Alpaca wool, 30% Nylon, and 10% Spandex.

As a result, they have better stretchability than most other alpaca socks out there. These socks come with a long shaft so that most of your leg is covered in comfort while you ski in the world of snow out there.

While you are busy skiing all day, socks tend to fall down. This mostly happens after several uses when the fiber gets stretched too much. But that won’t happen in this case. The socks have a special elastic band at the cuffs to keep the socks nice and tight all the way through.

Along with soft and breathable fiber, you get the perfect thickness in the middle to fit your ski boots comfortably. Not a bit of stress will distract you from skiing while wearing these socks.

They come in only one color, but the intriguing design on the socks is quite spectacular. With no sweat on your feet, you can enjoy skiing or hunting better than ever with these socks.

Key Features:

  • Material: Alpaca Wool, Nylon, Spandex
  • Size: Small to Large
  • Suitable for: Men and Women
  • Color: Cool Gray
  • Arch Support: Yes


  • High stretchability for better shape retention
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all tasks, including skiing and hunting
  • Midweight design for the best feet support
  • Keeps your feet warm without sweating
  • Wicks moisture and odor away
  • Has a long shaft


  • Spandex might deteriorate faster

BRUBAKER Thick Alpaca Winter Socks

You can see the comfort right in the texture of these socks. They have an excellent build quality with 88% of wool and 12% of polyamide. The combination is a strong fiber that has better shape retention, heat retention, comfort than most other alpaca socks.

If you want to go hunting, you need some serious gear. Though these socks might not look serious, they will actually be very important to keep your feet warm and dry. No matter how extreme the temperature is, you will always feel nice and cozy in these socks.

The socks are thicker than what you usually see, and that is the reason behind them having such good insulation. But still, they are highly breathable to wick out the moisture. As a result, you get relieved of damp or cold feet and can enjoy your hunting better.

We must note the craftsmanship. There are no seams in these socks, so the chances of irritation or itching inside the sock will be zero. Though the alpaca wool should be softened after wash, it didn’t seem to change that much. But, that won’t be a major problem.

The shaft height seemed to be a bit lower than other socks, so it might be an inconvenience.

Key Features:

  • Material: Alpaca Wool, Polyamide
  • Size: Small to Extra Large
  • Suitable for: Men and Women
  • Color: Gray and Brown
  • Arch Support: No


  • Higher ratio of alpaca wool for better comfort
  • Strong fiber ensures better durability
  • Excellent heat retention with moisture wicking capability
  • No seam to eliminate irritation or itching


  • Low shaft height can be a problem on outdoor
  • Doesn’t get softened after wash

Best Alpaca Socks Buying Guide

Buying a good pair of alpaca socks can be intimidating especially if you are going to be a new user. Don’t worry; we will focus on several key factors to choose the best alpaca socks for hunting. Make sure you follow along.

Fiber Combination,

The ratio of alpaca wool to other fibers in socks, is crucial. If the ratio is high, the socks will be much heavier. This is why alpaca wool is mixed with synthetic fibers like nylon, spandex, etc., to increase its performance without gaining weight.

Alpaca wool is naturally breathable. It also has excellent moisture-wicking capability to keep your feet warm and dry in winter. So, choose something that has a good amount of wool with other fibers for the best comfort while hunting.

Size and Design

Getting socks of the right size is downright important. With loosely fitted socks, the cuff will fall down repeatedly, which might cause a distraction while hunting. On the other hand, too tight socks will make you uncomfortable.

These socks are mostly designed to cover a large portion of your feet. The curve of the socks plays a great role in hugging your feet comfortably. Some socks can be made for both men and women, but some are only meant for a certain sex. Focus on that while making a decision.

Arch Support

Our feet are naturally curved in the middle. If the socks you buy don’t have good arch support, your hunting boots might cause pain. So, a pair of socks with a thick middle area will be better in terms of long-term comfort.

Toe and heel areas are often reinforced with an extra layer of fabric to make them withstand the extra pressure. This is a great feature to have, so look for this feature in the socks you will buy.

Insulation and Breathability

Alpaca wool has great insulation compared to sheep’s wool. So, it will retain heat better to keep your feet warm. Besides, it has high breathability to wick out the moisture. As a result, your feet won’t get sweaty under a wide range of temperatures.


Though people might not focus that much on durability here, you shouldn’t take the hassle of buying socks over and over again. Make sure the socks you are buying have a durable fiber to last for a long time without wear and tear.

Alpaca socks might feel a bit harsh at first, but they will get softened after several washes.


Let’s get over the answers to a few commonly asked questions about alpaca socks.

Is 100% alpaca good for socks?

Though pure alpaca socks can be very insulating, it is better to mix alpaca with other fibers to increase its strength and make it lightweight. So, 100% alpaca isn’t good for socks.

Why are alpaca socks good?

As you might already know, alpaca is a hollow fiber. It has better insulation capability than sheep’s wool, three times better, to be exact. So, it is a very good option for socks.

Are alpaca socks good for sweaty feet?

Alpaca socks are the best for sweaty feet. This natural fiber wicks out moisture very well. It is also hypoallergenic, so alpaca socks will keep your feet from odor.

Is alpaca more expensive than cashmere?

Cashmere wool is softer and warmer than alpaca wool. As cashmere is more comfortable and premium than alpaca, it costs more than alpaca wool.

Do alpaca socks shrink?

Yes, alpaca socks can shrink if you wash them in warm water or dry them under heat. This is why manufacturers suggest washing alpaca socks in cold water under a gentle cycle and hanging dry them in the air.

How long do alpaca socks last?

It depends on the quality of the socks and the care given to them. If you have a good pair of socks and use them moderately with gentle wash cycles, they will last for several years.

Does alpaca wool smell?

Yes, alpaca has its natural smell which is much lower than sheep’s wool. But this can be canceled by mixing other fibers with alpaca.

Does alpaca itchy like wool?

No, alpaca is much softer than wool. So, it won’t create irritation or itchiness on the skin.

Are alpaca socks good in summer?

Though most people think alpaca socks are only for winter, they can be really comfortable in summer, too, due to their high breathability.

Are therapeutic alpaca socks good for hunting?

Yes, they have great arch support to keep your feet in the most comfortable position when you are hunting. So, you can wear them for a long time without hurting your feet or getting exhausted.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to go hunting. Wait, did you pick the right socks to prevent your feet from being cold and damp? If not, you can buy the Warrior Alpaca Socks for maximum insulation, breathability, and comfort. These are some of the best alpaca socks for hunting.

You can also consider WILLIAMSTON Alpaca Socks that come with an excellent capability of wicking moisture out. They are rich in alpaca and have great arch support. Consider having these socks to make your next hunting trip more enjoyable.

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